One Love Islander’s ‘love’ mask slips as he reveals game plan to shocked partner

They’ve been keeping themselves out of all the Adam Collard drama, with Love Island’s Hayley Hughes claiming to be unaffected by the arrival of the almighty hunk.

However, things between her and partner Eyal Booker might not be as she initially thought, with the spiritual 22-year-old admitting he’s prepared to play as many games like the best of them.

After Adam chooses his new lady on tonight’s show, leaving one boy lonely and bruised, Hayley talks about the choices everyone will face at the next recoupling.

“You saw what can happen in a day, by the time we recouple things could have changed," she tells Eyal.

But she’s shocked by his response.

“It’s mad… This is a game,” Eyal tells Hayley, who quickly asks, “Is it a game?” I thought you didn’t have a game plan?”

Insisting he doesn’t have a plan – per se – he points out that, "this whole thing is made to be a game.”

Unimpressed, Hayley argues, “It’s not a game, it’s only a game if you want it to be a game."

But Eyal makes his level of commitment known, responding, “This is a game. But I’m going with what I feel at that time 100 per cent.”

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“At that time? So it could change tomorrow?” asks a horrified Hayley, with Eyal pointing out that she could change her mind too.

"I haven’t worked you out," he muses, at which point she traps him with his own words.

“That’s good then isn’t it, it’s a game,” she teases.

But now she knows that Eyal’s playing games, while she’s looking for good, old-fashioned love, she admits everything has changed.

Hayley seems annoyed that Eyal thinks they are all part of a game and she seems to start to mistrust him.

“I was p*ssed off to tell you the truth and then I was like, I don’t even want to speak to you," she said in the Beach Hut.

But Eyal stood by his views.

“The point that I was trying to make is that I’m not in here to mess anyone around, to hurt anyone’s feelings but Love Island is a game and if anyone else walks through the door and catches my eye, then that’s who I’m going to go with.”

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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