The new cast of Love Island have hit our screens, but you might think you've seen some of them before…

The new Love Island cast have hit our screens, and if you think you seen them all before . . . you have.

The hit ITV2 show certainly has a type, and it’s not just with looks.

Each series, Islanders also fall into typical personalities, from the pantomime villain to the ditzy blonde.

Here, Fabulous Daily Editor and Love Island superfan JOELY CHILCOTT details the six personas – and predicts who will be what this year.


THEY are petite and tanned with voluminous hair, but don’t let that fool you – cute brunettes still pack a punch.

Sweet Cally Jane Beech arrived late in series one and set pulses racing with her former boyfriend, who was already on the show.

In the next series, Kady McDermott’s tantrums made for compulsive viewing. And last year’s winner Amber Davies became the central character as her on-off romance with Kem Cetinay kept her in the villa.

Already, lookalike Kendall Rae-Knight has been the talk of series four as she has two fellas after her. Being a salty brunette is exhausting.


OI, you melt, stop being muggy. Love rats will be called out – but they still keep coming.

Serial reality TV star Josh Ritchie pied off multiple girls throughout summer 2015 in the first series.

But perhaps the greatest showdown was in series two, when Terry Walsh “cheated” on his then partner Malin Andersson. And who could forget Jonny Mitchell and when he made nation’s sweetheart Camilla Thurlow cry in season three last year?

It’s early doors for 2018, but Adam Collard’s brave decision to steal Kendall this week could see him in line for some booing.


THE island is never short of controversy, so it pays to have a strong woman who can stand her ground.

Fiery redhead Jess Hayes won the show in 2015, but only after we saw her softer side, too.

Bisexual Sophie Gradon had an intense relationship throughout the second series, featuring both blazing rows and passionate bedroom scenes. Then there was marmite Olivia Attwood, who couldn’t decide whether she wanted Chris Hughes or a one-night stand – and also loved an argument.

Olivia’s doppelganger arrived this week in the form of Laura Anderson. She already seems like one to rock the boat.


THEY probably grew up pulling girls’ pigtails in the playground, but everyone loves a joker, don’t they?

Series one brought us Essex boy Jon Clark. By no means the best looking of the bunch, he won fans with his immature pranks and phrases such as: “You make me feel like a unicorn.”

Series two winner Nathan Massey was a loud, loveable clown who did a cartwheel to celebrate having sex. Last year, winner Kem Cetinay became the nation’s favourite with his pranks, raps and bromance with fellow contestant Chris Hughes.

This year, Coventry lad Niall Aslam looks ready to step up to this role – the Harry Potter fan has already had us in stitches.


BLONDES have more fun . . . or do they? So far they seem to have had a rocky road.

Glamour model Hannah Elizabeth may have had an unforgettable look on series one, but she wasn’t particularly remembered for her wit.

It wasn’t until naive Zara Holland hit our screens in series two that ditzy blondes became the talk of the town. The former Miss England was stripped of her title after having sex on TV.

In series three, Essex girl Chloe Crowhurst was sweet enough but not the sharpest tool in the box.

This year’s certified ditzy blonde is petite Hayley Hughes, who has already asked: “What does superficial mean?”


NOT everyone can get their happy ever after – and tears are sure to flow.

No matter how much grafting went on, Lauren Richardson just couldn’t bag herself a fella in series one – and it got all too much for her.

A year later Malin Andersson was left distraught when she left the villa and found her man’s promises were false. Then, unlikely candidate Camilla Thurlow arrived in series three. The posh bomb disposal expert suffered a confidence crisis before winning our hearts – and her man.

This week, intelligent doctor Alex George has been pied off by all the girls and threatened to leave. There’s hope for him yet, though.

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