Netflix series Who is Erin Carter marks Evin Ahmad’s first big lead role

Who is Erin Carter?: Official trailer

Who is Erin Carter? marks Netflix’s latest thriller after The Night Agent and The Diplomat earlier this year, which were hits for the streaming service.

The seven-part series focuses on a substitute teacher Erin Carter (played by Evin Ahmad), who finds her mysterious past catching up with her despite moving to Barcelona with her family to make a fresh start.

Who is Erin Carter marks actress Ahmad’s most high-profile part to date with the star firmly taking the spotlight in the series and viewers keen to know more.

What is Evin Ahmad’s nationality?

Ahmad is a Swedish actress of Kurdish origin having been born in Stockholm, Sweden.

The 33-year-old star grew up in Akalla, Stockholm and considers herself Swedish.

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Her father hails from Sulaymaniyah in Iraq and her mother is from Afrin in Syria with Ahmad following in his footsteps and into the world of acting.

She previously told Rudaw of her identity and nationality: “We are a part of this society now. I was born and raised here, and I am a Swede.”

Ahmad added in the interview from 2013: “When I am given a role to play, I shouldn’t be viewed differently. I should be viewed as a Swede.”

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Ahmad has had a strong rise to success after her first role in the short film Till slut back in 2007.

Since then, she has gone on to star across film and television and her credits include 112 Aina, Quicksand, The Restaurant, Netflix’s The Rain and Snabba Cash.

Along with Who is Erin Carter?, Ahmad is slated to be starring in Den of Thieves 2, which is in post-production according to IMDb.

Her role in Snabba Cash helped to propel Ahmad into the spotlight with Who is Erin Carter coming not long after this.

She said: “I had never in my life thought that people would watch a show in Swedish, but they did and they loved it. Ricky Gervais loved Snabba Cash season one and two and tweeted about it!

“Snabba Cash opened up a lot of doors for me and it’s also how I got my American agents and led to my receiving a Shooting Star honour at the Berlin Film Festival, which I’m so grateful for.”

Who is Erin Carter? is also Ahmad’s first English-speaking lead role with the star reflecting on her linguistic skills: “I’m obviously fluent in Swedish. I was born and raised in Sweden.

“I know some Kurdish because my dad and my mum are both Kurdish, and on top of that, they speak different dialects because my dad is Kurdish from Iraq.

“I’ve also spent summers in Syria, which is how I learned to speak Arabic, not fluently but I understand it well. I studied Spanish in school too.”

Who is Erin Carter is released on Netflix on August 24

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