Netflix fans left 'crying their eyes out' at 'heart-breaking' new show Lupin – but will there be a second season?

NETFLIX fans have been left "crying their eyes out" at the "heart-breaking" new show Lupin.

Part one of the French crime drama premiered on the popular streaming service last week and fans have already binge-watched the full thing – but when is part two going to be on our screens?

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The show, which is divided into two parts and has a total of 10 episodes, aired the first five on January 8 2021.

Lupin follows the story of a man named Assane Diop (played by Omar Sy) – a character which is inspired by Maurice Leblanc's Arsène Lupin.

The janitor travels from hometown of Senegal, all the way to France so that he can provide a better life for his son Raoul (Etan Simon).

He hasn't had an easy ride as his dad committed suicide in prison when he was younger, after he was framed by the Pellegrini family for stealing an expensive necklace off them.

He soon turns into a professional thief with help from some Arsène Lupin books he was given from his dad, and wants to make the family pay for what they've done.

And the new drama has certainly hit viewers in the feels.

Many have taken to Twitter to share their emotion over the first part of the new series and some can't hold back the tears.


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A second said: "I'm crying now."

Another tweeted: "Lupin got me crying … whyyyyy Fabienne."

A fourth added: "i’m literally crying??? over a??? fictional??? character???? please???? REMUS LUPIN LITERALLY GIVE ME A HUG I'M GONNA KEEP CRYING STOP OMFG."

A fifth chimed in: "Finished Lupin I’m sad now."

"Lupin is sad af," a sixth said.

Show bosses, including creators George Kay and François Uzan, haven't confirmed when part two will return.

But don't worry, it has already been commissioned and it's looking like it'll hopefully arrive some time later on in 2021.

It is also yet to be confirmed if Vincent Londez, Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, Nicole Garcia, Hervé Pierre, Soufiane Guerrab, Antoine Gouy, Fargass Assandé and Shirine Boutella will join Jurassic World star Omar in the highly anticipated second season.

Watch season one of Lupin on Netflix now.





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