NCIS Hawaii fans want to know about Yasmine Al-Bustami’s love life

NCIS Hawaii: CBS teases episode 'Unusual Suspects'

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NCIS Hawaii was the third NCIS spin-off to come out and has gone down a storm with fans since it launched in 2021. Apart from the stunning background of Hawaii making the CBS series stand out, fans have been loving the relationship between Lucy Tara (played by Yasmine Al-Bustami) and Kate Whistler (Tori Anderson). This is the first gay romance to have been introduced as the main love story from an NCIS show’s very beginning.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from NCIS Hawaii.

Is NCIS Hawaii actress Yasmine Al-Bustami married?

Away from the set of NCIS Hawaii, and unlike her character, actress Yasmine Al-Bustami is believed to be single.

She has never been publicly linked with anyone so her dating life away from the show remains a mystery.

As she plays an LGBTQ+ woman in the drama, fans have been curious to know about her sexuality.

While she is single, it has been widely reported Al-Bustami isn’t gay and simply plays Lucy who is head over heels for Kate.

According to the show’s executive producer Jan Nash, she wanted to have a couple that represents the community “from the get-go”.

Speaking to, Nash said: “We want these characters to feel like they have full lives — they have families, they have interests, they struggle with things — and certainly relationships are a part of that.

“But on a procedural show, when you have a case going on it’s difficult to be like,

‘But I have a date tonight!’

“So having Whistler in our world, in an NCIS-adjacent role, seemed like a way we could add relational qualities to our show that wouldn’t impede our procedural storytelling.”

She added: “It is not a situation where either of them is a straight woman who was suddenly, magically attracted to somebody else. It’s not that.”

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The first season of NCIS Hawaii saw the start of Lucy and Kate’s relationship but it wasn’t exactly straightforward.

They were often at loggerheads, breaking up more than once with things going downhill when it was discovered that Kate technically hadn’t broken up with her ex-girlfriend.

However, the FBI agent won Lucy over by serenading her at a house party, in front of their colleagues and friends.

Season two brought up another challenge for the couple as they embarked on a long-distance relationship.

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During their break, Lucy applied for a position as Agent Afloat where she would work onboard a naval ship.

This meant going away for a few months so it hasn’t been easy for either of them.

But thankfully, Lucy’s time away has come to an end as fans watched her reunite with Kate in Good Samaritan which aired on Monday, February 27.

Sadly, viewers are going to have to wait longer than expected to see them back on screen.

NCIS Hawaii won’t be returning in its usual time slot next Monday, March 6, on CBS.

Like NCIS, the spin-off is taking a short break away, most likely part of a scheduled hiatus.

There is no need to be worried though as it has already been confirmed NCIS Hawaii will be back the following week on Monday, March 13.

NCIS Hawaii is available to watch on CBS.

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