NCIS Hawaii fans ‘freaking out’ as Lucy returns in new promo

NCIS Hawaii: CBS teases episode 'Unusual Suspects'

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Agent Lucy Tara (played by Yasmine Al-Bustami) has been away from her usual post for most of NCIS: Hawaii’s second season. As fans wait impatiently for her to reunite with her girlfriend Kate Whistler (Tori Anderson), they’ve been given a taste of the action to come on CBS in the form of a nail-biting teaser for episode 15, Good Samaritan.

Viewers were absolutely thrilled by Lucy’s brief yet exciting appearance in the latest promo for NCIS: Hawaii.

In the new trailer, the fan-favourite agent appears alongside Jesse Boone (Noah Mills) as they’re surrounded by a North Korean kill squad.

The threat to her life aside, NCIS fans were ecstatic to see another glimpse at Lucy’s promised homecoming.

She has been away from the team for several episodes, having taken on a new job as a Special Agent Afloat in a boat off the coast of Hawaii.

Sadly, this has meant being separated from her girlfriend Kate for weeks on end, and fans are itching to see them sharing the screen again.

Below the new trailer on YouTube, Mercy Joseph commented: “Did I just see Lucy? I’m freaking out.”

While @whistlersarmy tweeted: “Y’all, 2.15 is going to be so good AND we get our Queens returning to our screens.

“The one and only Lucy Tara returns next week! Oh, what a glorious time to be in the Pearl Ohana.”

@kidsfromfame said: “Yessss I am so excited to be getting our gorgeous Lucy back and in the arms of her gorgeous GF Kate too.”

@earplegalcodes exclaimed: “Oh I’m so excited! We finally have Lucy back and she looks so good!”

Fan page @hawaii_ncis wrote: “Lucy and Tara [are] back in six days, yay I’m so excited to watch it.”

And @bluelovaticx_ posted: “Lucy Tara is back in six days! This is not a drill!”

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Many other fans have taken to social media to repost the new trailer and comment how excited they are to have the series regular back on screens.

Actress Al-Bustami had to take time off the series to focus on another acting commitment but is now expected to feature in every episode up until the end of season two.

There has also been no word on her leaving NCIS: Hawaii permanently, so she should be back with the team when the series returns for a third season.

Just as well, as Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) and her task force face an insurmountable task when the drama continues next Monday.

A synopsis for the episode reads: “When a Navy deserter accidentally comes out of hiding, his family becomes a target that drives the NCIS team and Charlie 1 (Linc Hand) to investigate who is after them.

“Meanwhile, Lucy surprises the team by returning to Hawaii from her agent afloat job early.”

Now the Pearl Harbour team is on the radar of North Korean mercenaries, there’s no telling who else will be after them over the rest of the season.

NCIS: Hawaii season 2 continues Mondays on CBS in the USA and is available to stream on Disney+ in the UK.

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