NCIS cast ‘not keen’ to see veteran star return due to their ‘fickle attitude’

Sneak Peek at the season finale of NCIS

Mark Harmon’s departure from NCIS after 19 seasons came as a huge blow to fans, but while viewers are yearning for the return of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Mark’s former co-stars reportedly don’t share the same opinion after feeling let down due to his lack of excitement to return.

The reason behind Mark’s exit from the hit CBS drama was to “keep his career fresh,” which he stated on a special featurette for the NCIS Season 19 DVD. 

After the 71-year-old actor hung up his NCIS hat last year, the series’ showrunner Steven D. Binder has been open about wanting to bring Mark’s beloved character back into action at least one more time before the drama comes to an end.

And current stars such as Sean Murray, who plays Special Agent Timothy McGee, have also voiced similar opinions on the character’s return at some point.

But according to RadarOnline, Mark has “backtracked” and remained “inconsistent” when it comes to his return after apparently being preoccupied with other projects, leaving his co-stars frustrated. 

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According to the outlet, some NCIS cast members had anticipated that Agent Gibbs’ return could ramp up the show’s popularity.

But his indecisiveness and “fickle attitude” towards his comeback have left his co-stars feeling stressed. 

The source alleged that almost “everyone wanted him back,” but he has been preoccupied with his nonfiction book Ghosts of Honolulu, which is set to hit shelves in November 2023.

The insider added that “When he was bored, an NCIS return sounded like a good idea. Now he’s found something that’s interesting, he’s less enthused.”

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The source also claimed that Mark’s return wouldn’t be motivated by money are reports say the actor has a net worth of $120 million.

Mark is also racking in the cash as an executive producer on the show, even if he never appears in front of the camera as Agent Gibbs again.

When it comes to speculation about the actor’s return both Mark and the network have remained tight-lipped on the subject.

But some of his former cast members like Rocky Carroll, who portrays Leon Vance, have teased that fans might see Gibbs again in recent interviews. 

“I think as long as this show stays on the air, there will always be a little bit of a tease that we might see Gibbs again,” Rocky told Showbiz Cheatsheet in March 2023. 

He also added that “Gibbs is the moral compass. He’s the moral compass that we all wish we had”. 

CBS has renewed its hit crime drama NCIS for a 21st season and will likely air in the 2023-24 broadcast period.

NCIS airs on CBS in the US.