Naked Attraction singleton pretended to be dead when dad walked in mid-romp

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Naked Attraction singleton Deanne revealed exactly what happened where her dad walked in on her mid-romp – admitting she had to pretend she'd died.

The contestant explained how she was getting hot and bothered with an ex-partner when her dad stormed into the room and saw what was happening.

Deanne is incredibly close with her dad but that was a step too far for their father-daughter relationship.

When talking to host Anna Richardson she revealed the embarrassing moment as she stood in front of her potential dates.

Anna asked her: "Are you a sex fan?"

To which she replied: "Oh yeah, I love sex, my dad walked in once."

"I know you're close to your dad, but what happened?" Anna asked.

Deanna explained: "I just literally laid there pretending that I was dead."

Anna laughed: "So, you jut played dead, what did your dad do?"

"He was like 'oh, sorry' and just walked back out," she scoffed.

Deanne made a big impression with fans on Twitter, with many taking to the platform to share their thoughts on the contestants.

One wrote: "DeanneLewisxo just watched Deanne on Naked Attraction, wow what a girl"

A second added: "#NakedAttraction Deanne sounds amazing. I would soooo be besties with her if I were at school."

Another thought she looked similar to Celebrity Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton.

The viewer typed: "Deanne reminds me of @chantellehought #nakedattraction"

"Haha I like Deanne so far #NakedAttraction" shared a fourth.

Deanne described herself as a "pub lover" and wanted someone to help her change from her boozy ladette ways.

She usually sits up the boozer with her dad but is looking for a more romantic partner to share the experience of necking pints with.

In her VT , Deanne said: "I spend most of my time at the pub with my dad so it's not surprising I haven't found a man.

"I'm not exactly great at fliting if I saw a boy who was really hot I would probably punch them in the arm. Maybe I need to become a lady to find a man."

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