Mum slammed after admitting ‘gaming addict’ son has not been to school in a year

A mum bravely opened up about her son’s struggle with his life-destroying gaming addiction.

However, she failed to garner sympathy with This Morning viewers after admitting that her son hadn’t been to school in a YEAR.

Appearing on This Morning today, Kendal Parmar revealed that her 15-year-old son will become the first child to be diagnosed with a gaming addiction by the NHS.

Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, she revealed her son had been the "most sociable" out her five children prior to getting addicted to Fortnite.

Kendal revealed that she had done a number of things to stop his gaming addiction, including locking the router away in the safe, that she had taken the parental controls away and that she had taken his computer out of his room.

Yet she added: "But he’s ingenious at finding different ways."

"The number one thing it affects his relationships, Kendal explained. "He hasn’t been to school in a year."

She explained: “I have five children. He is the middle one and he’s the most sociable out of all five.

"He was the captain of the cricket club and rugby. When he started secondary school he was on the gifted and talented [list].

"I would say out of my five children, he would be the least one I would predict would be addicted to gaming.”

Speaking about when it started, she said: “Secondary school when he was doing his homework online, access to games was easy and he started being online doing other things.”

She admitted she had tried a number of methods to try and stop him spending so much time on his computer.

“I have a safe in my bedroom where the router goes in. I’ve tried three different parental control systems.

"I have taken the computer out of his room and put it in a friend’s house for months. But I suppose like any addict, he’s ingenious about finding ways.

"The number one thing is that it affects all the relationships. He hasn’t been to school for a year. All his friends from school, he’s not part of that anymore. All his friends are online.

“It’s very extreme. It’s taken years of going from something that was fun, enjoyable, a hobby and healthy to something… It’s not healthy.

"He’s lost so much and it’s become the only thing that defines him.”

Talking about getting him the help he needs, she added: “I have really struggled for a good couple of years. Nobody understands it [addiction to gaming]. I’ve tried to get it recognised.”

Asked if he would play the game today, she confessed: “Yes and he will find a way no matter what.”

Speaking about why Fortnite was such a problem for her son, while thousands of children seem to play it and be unaffected, she said it was a perfect storm: “It’s really sociable, it’s competitive. There’s immersion.”

But shocked viewers flocked to Twitter in outrage.

One tweeted: "’He’s not been to school for a year’ HOW IS THAT A GAMES FAULT???? “ I can’t be bothered to be a proper parent and be the power force in the house” #ThisMorning #Fortnite."

While another commented: "#thismorning when I was a kid me and my friend were addicted to sonic the hedgehog and crash bandicoot but no way would my parents let me miss a year of school! There must be more to this story!?"

A third remarked: "@thismorning parents have to take some of the responsibility especially when it’s primary school kids! There are parental control systems and Fortnite is not meant for under 11s at least #thismorning."

"Hasn’t been in school for a year??.. wtf!! #ThisMorning," another shocked viewer remarked.

One outraged viewer wrote: "At my childs primary school I am shocked with the lazy parenting, we play Lego games together downstairs in the living room occasionally. I will NEVER let him have a computer in his room unsupervised #thismorning."

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