Movies Like Sierra Burgess is a Loser, What Film to Watch

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We all love the new rom-coms given to us by Netflix recently. The newest one to hit the streaming service is Sierra Burgess is a Loser, which stars Shannon Purser and the love of our lives, Noah Centineo. If you haven’t seen it yet, exit this narrative and come back after you are done! Done? Great!

If you have seen Sierra Burgess, however, you probably can’t get enough. And while watching it and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before in succession for days on end is great and all, we need a little diversity here, people! You’re in luck because we took it upon ourselves to compile a list of movies you will absolutely love if you’re OB-SESSED with SBIAL. What are you waiting for? Read the list and then get to watching!

The Spectacular Now

Although The Spectacular Now doesn’t involve the same amount of deception as what’s featured in Sierra Burgess is a Loser, the film does follow the story of the popular guy in school falling for a not-so-popular girl. The two characters have complex back stories, which makes the movie a tear-jerker just like the new Netflix original we are all obsessed with.

The Prince and Me

The Prince and M is a certified classic. If you want to get some throwback vibes you should definitely consider watching this after Sierra Burgess. In case you forgot, the Prince of Denmark, played by Luke Mably longs for a normal life so he opts to attend college in America where he meets Paige Morgan, played by Julia Stiles. Only, he doesn’t tell her he is a prince. We love this movie because the love story is so iconic, just like the one between Sierra and Jamey!

The Perfect Man

Was there even a movie in the 2000s that Hilary Duff didn’t star in? The Perfect Man basically follows the former teen star’s character as she tries to find — you guessed it — a perfect man for her single mother. Essentially, she catfishes her mom into believing she is talking to the man of her dreams. Oh boy…

The Fault in Our Stars

This movie hit everyone right in the feels, but also has a little deception like Sierra Burgess. So if you like the new Netflix flick AND are in the mood for a really good cry, then we highly recommend you watch The Fault in Our Stars. But make sure you have a huge box of Kleenex with you because you are definitely going to need it — this book-to-film adaptation is one of the most devastating things we’ve ever seen.

She’s the Man

If you want all of the deception of Sierra Burgess is a Loser and ALSO want to see Channing Tatum as a fetus, then you should totally watch She’s the Man. It is a story about a case of mistaken identity and it includes Amanda Bynes, our favorite funny girl of the 2000s. It’s adorable AND hilarious — what could be better??

Love, Simon

This coming-of-age story is about a high schooler named Simon, played by Nick Robinson, who is grappling with his sexuality and hiding it from his friends and family. Through an online relationship with an unknown person, Simon develops feelings for this person he only knows as “Blue.” Not only is this movie a super cute rom-com, but it comes with a powerful message about equality and acceptance. We highly recommend!

John Tucker Must Die

We love this movie! It is a total throwback, and it features some of the themes from Sierra Burgess like using a cheerleader as a pawn. Brittany Snow is iconic in this role and the movie is a classic as well. It is definitely worth a watch!


While romance may not be at the forefront of this ABC Family (now Freeform) original movie, it still has a strong message about the damage cyberbullying or pretending to be someone else online can have on a person. The film stars Emily Osment as Taylor, a girl who receives a laptop for her birthday and proceeds to be cyber-bullied after joining a online group. Much like Sierra Burgess, it shows the dark side of pretending to be someone else.


This is the movie that started it all. It is a real life story of Nev Schulman and his personal run-in with a fake person online. It is practically the same story as Sierra Burgess, but filmed from a real-life perspective. It is super interesting and you get to see what inspired Nev to create Catfish: The TV Show.

A Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story is probably one of the more quotable (and memorable) movies of the 2000s and we love it! When Sam Montgomery strikes up an online romance with an unknown person, she soon realizes who it really is the school’s quarterback, Austin Ames! It should for sure be on your Throwback Thursday watchlist, especially if you love Sierra Burgess.

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