This Morning fans shocked at woman with husband, fiance and two boyfriends

This Morning viewers and hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were shocked as a woman who admits to having a a husband, a fiance and two boyfriends called herself "old-fashioned."

Mary Crumpton said she had no idea that polyamorous relationships existed until she saw a woman enter a pub with multiple partners, and suddenly became interested in the concept.

She said: "I think I found I was somebody who naturally fell in love with more than one person at a time – I think a lot of people have that experience.

"For me love is not a limited resource – time might be – but you say a parent has one child then they have a second child you wouldn’t say they love the first any less.

"So we know that our love is not limited and for me I find I can love more than one person romantically."

While Holly questioned whether these relationships were purely based on sex, she explained that she is "old fashioned" and wouldn’t just have casual sex with multiple partners, but has proper relationships with her husband, Tim, fiance John, and boyfriends James and Michael.

She continued: "People laugh but I’m quite old fashioned really.

"They’re normal relationships, I just happen to have more than one."

In terms of sleeping around, she said sexual health is important to them and she would have to love someone to be so "intimate" as to have sex with them

But when it comes to special occasions, she will spend the evening with all of her partners then pick one to sleep with.

And though this seems odd to many, she said she will even suggest women for them to text if they’re interested.

When asked if her partners have other girlfriends, Mary added: "Not at the moment, but they’re free to.

"I’m not a jealous person – I would love for them to have more than one person."

She also said John and Tim, who live together with her, are "like brothers" and get on really well, and hopes this country will allow people to marry more than one person as she and John will have to have a commitment ceremony to get "married."

Mary compared the plight of polyamorous people who wish to marry to the legalisation of homosexuality.

Fans could not believe their ears about the way Mary lives, which she says is similar to many others in the UK who feel they have to keep it secret.

Another added: "Has this woman really just compared her "struggles" to marry everyone in her polyamorous relationship to the struggles of legalising homosexuality… #ThisMorning"

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