Money Heist season 5: Stockholm dies in series finale as fans spot Esther Acebo clue

Money Heist: Netflix release dramatic teaser for season five

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The highly popular Spanish thriller will reach the beginning of the end this September, with the first five of ten new episodes of Money Heist finally being released on Netflix. Unfortunately, the latest clues from the show’s cast may have confirmed a tragic end for fan favourite robber, Stockholm (played by Esther Acebo).

A new trailer has finally confirmed the first half of Money Heist’s fifth and final season will be hitting screens this September.

After a long struggle within the walls of the Bank of Spain, the team are prepared to go to war following the sudden death of Nairobi (Alba Flores).

The Professor (Álvaro Morte) and his team’s lives will all be on the line heading into the show’s epic conclusion.

Plot details are being kept tightly under wraps, but fans have already started to predict which of the robbers will be biting the dust in season five.

With just a few short months to go before La Casa De Papel returns, series star Esther Acebo may have already given away her character’s fate.

One fan took to Reddit after spotting the star’s latest interview with ‘Los Felices Veinte’, which is available to watch on YouTube.

Sadly, the conversation is currently only available to watch in Spanish without captions.

However, this Reddit user provided a helpful translation of a crucial point in the discussion, in which Acebo reveals more about her character’s fate in the series.

The user MrTennat wrote: “She has said her character is going to last until almost the very end.”

The actress apparently took care to say Stockholm ‘almost’ makes it to the end of the series, which seems to confirm some sort of departure in the series finale.

Fans obviously assumed the worst, and took to the comments to speculate if this means Stockholm will be killed at some point in the second half of season five.

One viewer replied: “Well that’s good. At least we know she will be alive till the final episode.”

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And another worried fan asked: “Almost the very end – does it mean the character dies or isn’t in the last scene?”

As this comment pointed out, there’s a strong chance Stockholm simply won’t be present in the last moments of the series.

This could mean the finale will end with an epilogue without the majority of the main cast.

Unfortunately, Money Heist is notorious for brutally killing off its characters without so much as a moment’s notice, so the writing could be on the wall for Stockholm.

Thankfully, Acebo also mentioned that she’ll have plenty of chances to shine before Money Heist takes its final bow in December.

The translated post added: “She loves Episode 2 of the new season because Stockholm has to do something and she really loved to play that. But she doesn’t say anything about it.”

Season five’s first trailers have previewed an action-packed final instalment making its way to screens, so hopefully every member of the team gets their own moment in the spotlight.

Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1 will be released on Friday, September 3 on Netflix. Volume 2 is coming Friday, December 3.

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