Mike Myers ‘Scared’ He’d Get ‘Fired Every Week’ When Joining ‘Saturday Night Live’

Admitting that he wasn’t prepared for the pressure that came his way when he joined the sketch series, the ‘Austin Powers’ star says he only overcame his fear after writing the popular ‘Wayne’s World’ skit.

AceShowbizMike Myers felt “scared s*******” when he joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live“. The “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” star, who was living in London when he joined the cast of the TV comedy show in 1989, freely admits in new interview he wasn’t prepared for the pressure that came his way.

“I was scared s*******. I thought I was going to get fired every week, and that’s the God’s honest truth,” the 58-year-old actor confessed.

Mike had finally overcome his fraud syndrome by the time he wrote the sketch for “Wayne’s World”. The hit sketch inspired the popular comedy films “Wayne’s World” and “Wayne’s World 2”, and Mike admits that the success of the movies transformed his life. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “It was like being strapped to a rocket. It rocked my world.”

However, the success also coincided with the death of his father, and Mike was left with a big void in his life. The comedy star recalled, “I was very, very sad. I got very fat. The only person I wanted to see it wasn’t there.”

“Wayne’s World” still ranks as the highest-grossing “Saturday Night Live”-inspired film of all time. But director Penelope Spheeris previously admitted she regretted the studio’s decision to make the second movie so soon after they released the first.

Penelope, who ultimately decided against directing the second film, shared, “Oh, I never resisted it. I think, honestly, what happened was we did the first ‘Wayne’s World’, and it was a very big success.”

“Then see, when they told me after we finished the movie that they were going to do ‘Wayne’s World 2’ so soon, I thought, ‘Gosh, that just seems a little quick to me,’ ” she added. “Then for various reasons, I wasn’t involved.”

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