Men in Kilts release date: Has the Starz air date been confirmed? New trailer drops update

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Outlander stars Graham McTavish and Sam Heughan will soon be reuniting on Starz for the release of their new travel series Men in Kilts. In honour of St Andrews’ Day, the pair recently dropped a new trailer, teasing what was to come as well as a potential release date. has everything you need to know about this.

Has the Men in Kilts release date on Starz been confirmed?

Earlier this year it was confirmed Jamie Fraser star Heughan was teaming up with his Dougal McKenzie co-star McTavish for a new TV show.

Called Men in Kilts, it sees the duo head across Scotland learning more about their heritage and the history of the country.

Spending weeks in their trusty campervan, it seems viewers should expect plenty of Outlander anecdotes as well as their hilarious dynamic being tested to the brink.

The show has been confirmed for release on Starz in the US in 2021.

However, not a great deal more has been revealed about the series so far.

As a result, fans will be excited to hear Heughan and McTavish recently teamed up for a new video to tease its release.

In the short clip released for St Andrew’s Day, both men appear clad in kilts as they hint when the show will be launching.

The pair also joke about Heughan launching his new whiskey brand as viewers get a glimpse into their dynamic.

At one point Sam asked: “Who is the patron saint of whiskey?”

To which, Graham replied: “Good question, I’m sure there is one. Maybe you could apply for it. Saint Sam.”

Then at the end of the clip, it is teased “Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham coming early 2021.”

For those who can’t wait until then, the pair have already released an accompanying book of their travels.


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Written by both men, this is called Clanlands and acts as a guide to Scotland, from culture to history and cuisine.

Ahead of the launch of the book, spoke to both men about what you can expect from Men in Kilts.

McTavish teased: “It is a show that celebrates the best in Scotland.

“Hopefully with some surprises and a lot of laughs along the way.

“Sam succeeds in taking me out of my comfort zone and I succeed in some surprising ways at enraging him too. Expect to see it in early 2021.”

Heughan also revealed a bit more about the series and how excited he is for fans to finally see it.

He continued: “After creating, producing and financing the original shoot, I was so pleased STARZ and Sony decided to pick it up.

“Each episode covers a particular theme and, much like the book, we travel the country meeting special guests and learning about the Scottish culture with some questionable driving along the way…”

Men in Kilts is released on Starz in early 2021.

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