Max gives deadly warning to Maria over evil extremist Griff in Corrie

Max Turner (Paddy Bever) continues to fall deeper and deeper into Griff Reynold’s (Michael Condron) dangerous world of extremism in Coronation Street.

Recently in the ITV soap, Griff gave a speech at the community centre and blamed every problem the UK is currently facing on ‘invasive species’.

He mentioned grey squirrels and other animals, but it was all a thinly veiled reference to people who weren’t originally from the UK coming to these shores. 

Within the audience was Roy (David Neilson), who soon stood up and pointed out the inaccuracies of Griff’s speech, backing everything up with statistics so he couldn’t argue the café owner had no idea what he was talking about.

Back at the flat, Griff instructed Max to edit the video he had taken of the speech and, with a few clicks and tech tricks, the teen had created something that saw Roy seemingly agreeing with everything Griff had said, and the applause from the audience was all for Griff. 

Coming up, Max’s skills are put to Griff’s use again but beforehand, he spots Maria (Samia Longchambon) ripping down his friend’s flyers that imply refugees are taking over the community centre at the expense of the local people.

Max gives Maria a warning, telling her that Griff will not be happy to hear she’s restricting his right to free speech.

Back in the flat, Max sits down at his computer and listens to Griff as he instructs him to set up an online petition in an attempt to put a stop to the new refugee centre, but how many signatures will it pick up?

And where does this leave Maria?

We know Griff is capable of a lot, could he put Maria in danger if she continues to point out his views are wrong and racist?

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