Martin Lewis recalls scary moment fan called him ‘c***’ in front of daughter, 3

Good Morning Britain's new host Martin Lewis has recalled being heckled in the street by a fan and added that he will "never forget" the incident that took place.

The host was sharing his experience following the shocking video released of Professor Chris Whitty which saw members of the public putting him in a headlock while they tried to get a selfie with him.

Both Martin and Susanna Reid shared their thoughts on the video as they both expressed their frustration when Martin recalled his own experience.

He said on the morning show: "I was walking down the street with my little girl on my shoulders and someone came up to me and said: 'You're the money guy!', so I said: 'Not today, today I'm daddy'.

"He told me that he just wanted to ask me a question."

Martin said that he explained to the fan that his daughter doesn't like strangers coming up to them in the street as she gets scared, and he was in the process of taking her to the park.

The new host added: "He started calling me the name that begins with a c.

"He said: 'You're nothing like you are on the telly'," as he walked down the road.

Martin continued: "Normally when people come and talk to me in the street I am happy to talk and I'm always polite and nice, but my little girl gets scared when strangers approach.

"I will never forget that episode, it was scary."

He added: "If I'm out somewhere private with my family and someone comes up for a photo, I say: 'You can have a photo, but would you mind not sharing it on social media?' and they never have."

Martin recalled his experience to show how often people in the public eye can experience uncomfortable situations while out in public.

It comes as they shared the video of Professor Chris Whitty was filmed getting heckled by members of the public and pulled into a headlock.

The chief medical officer was grabbed at in the video as the people in the clip hoped for a selfie.

Susanna and Martin confirmed that while they were showing the video, they decided not to show the faces of the people involved in a bid to not give them more attention.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed in a statement that they are in contact with the victim and the circumstances continue to be investigated.

Good Morning Britain returns tomorrow from 6am.

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