Marshall returns to abusive dad Colin after cruel new move in Emmerdale?

After a devastated Marshall (Max Fletcher) recently revealed to Arthur (Alfie Clarke) that his homophobic dad Colin (Mark Noble) was sending him away to boarding school so he’d be away from the influence of Arthur, it looked like that would be the last we would see of Marshall in Emmerdale.

But in upcoming episodes it seems that’s not the case, as Marshall is secretly still in the village. Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) discovers him and is about to call his dad when Marshall begins to cry uncontrollably and Laurel realises there’s something very wrong.

When Colin appears he shocks everyone with his manner. Rather than being stern and angry as expected he seems to be genuinely sorry for how Marshall is feeling and hugs him tightly. He promises that Marshall can stay at Hotten Academy and won’t have to go away to boarding school, and even says he’s happy for his son to be friends with Arthur.

Laurel is hugely relieved that Colin has had a change of heart, but Arthur isn’t convinced at all and his reaction makes Laurel think she’s made a massive mistake in calling Colin. Arthur tells her how bad things have been between Marshall and Colin, and Laurel decides she has to do something to help the boy.

Laurel and Jai (Chris Bisson) agree to let Marshall move in with them, but Jai is a bit worried about the effect it will have on the rest of the family. Marshall overhears this conversation and thinks he’s not welcome in the household.

So when Colin appears, apparently full of apologies and telling Marshall how much he loves him, Marshall is torn. Should he stay with jai and Laurel, where he fears he’s not welcome, or go back home where he’ll be under Colin’s influence again?

Colin tries to manipulate him into coming home, saying he’s sorry for disowning him over his sexuality and bombarding him with affectionate messages, Marshall doesn’t know what to do.

Will he go back to Colin? And if he does, will he be safe?

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