Married at First Sight Australia star Ines storms out of explosive fight as Sam admits he REGRETS sleeping with her

MARRIED at First Sight Australia star Ines stormed out of an explosive fight after her fling Sam admitted he REGRETS sleeping with her.

The hard-faced reality contestant was left furious when the other married couples turned on her when their affair came to light.

But both Ines and Sam refused to admit they had got intimate – instead insisting the only shared one kiss.

Sam said: "Ines wants this long-term commitment from me and in the short time we've been together I can't guarantee that.

"I have to be honest with Ines about that. I can't sit there and say that I can.

"If I could have my time over I wouldn't accept the message or met up with Ines. I do regret it."

Shocked Ines started to smile as the brutal blow sunk in.

Disgusted Cyrell lashed out after seeing Ines laughing. She yelled: "Ines why are you laughing? I am going to scream at you.

"You've just ruined a marriage and you're sitting there smiling while your husband looks like a piece of s***.

"I feel so sorry for you, Bronson and Elizabeth, you deserve better than that.

"The world doesn't revolve around you, Sam. You ain't king ding-a-ling."

Refusing to listen to Cyrell's outburst, Ines walked out of the commitment ceremony saying: "Why is she screaming at me? That's just disgusting. I'm not into it."

She later returned – but only if Cyrell was removed from the room.

Happy that she didn't have to "listen to b******", Cyrell left hand in hand with her husband.

Sam and Ines were then grilled by the other married couples who demanded to know exactly what had happened.

Asked by an expert if she understands why the group are so fired up, Ines replied: "No, I mean I mind my own business. I've lived through my story. You're not my thoughts or feelings.

"To be honest I don't really care. I just don't regret anything, ever.

"I'm a person I'm going to make mistakes all the time. This wasn't a mistake."

The explosive episode ended with Elizabeth and Sam's relationship and Ines and Bronson's marriage ending.

The matchmakers then revealed a surprise twist that two new couples will join the group in the next episode.

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