Marc Turtletaub’s ‘Puzzle,’ Starring Kelly Macdonald, to Open Edinburgh International Film Festival

“Puzzle” will have its international premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and be the opening night gala movie at the 72nd edition of EIFF.

The film stars Scottish actor Kelly Macdonald as Agnes, a middle aged woman whose small-town life changes when, along with reclusive inventor Robert (Irrfan Khan), she gets involved in the world of competitive jigsaw puzzling.

“Puzzle” is a remake of a well-received Argentine movie. It was at Sundance this year and in its review, Variety said: “It’s about what Peter Parker’s Aunt May does with her days while Spider-Man is off saving the neighbourhood.”

Speaking to Variety about her role in the picture earlier this year Macdonald said: “I’m rarely ever offered the female lead in anything…So that appealed to me. And there was something about Agnes that intrigued me. She was a bit of an enigma.”

Marc Turtletaub directed the film and will attend the EIFF premiere, as will Kelly Macdonald. “It’s a great honor to be invited to have ‘Puzzle’ open Edinburgh International Film Festival 2018,” said Turtletaub. “This world class Festival has been a personal favorite for a long time – and being able to showcase Kelly’s performance here makes it even more rewarding.”

Mark Adams, artistic director of EIFF said: “We are thrilled to be able to celebrate the undeniable talent of Kelly Macdonald in this wonderfully enjoyable and uplifting film. It is a subtle and impressive new film that succeeds on all levels.”

“Puzzle” will be released in the U.K. by Sony Pictures Releasing this summer. EIFF runs from 20 June – 1 July.

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