Manhunt season 3 release date: Will there be another series?

Manhunt: Martin Clunes stars in true story crime drama

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Manhunt is based on the diaries of retired DCI Colin Sutton when he was a member of the Metropolitan police force. Renowned actor Martin Clunes has played the real-life character for two seasons, documenting some of the biggest cases he worked on during his 30-year career. With seven episodes of the ITV drama in the can, the big question is will there be more? Here is everything you need to know about the future of the TV show.

Will there be another series of Manhunt?

The real-life drama series first aired in 2019, with three 60-minute episodes exploring the arrest of Levi Bellfield.

DCI Sutton was the detective who got justice for the murders of Milly Dowler, Marsha McDonnell and Amélie Delagrange and the attempted murder of Sarah Knight.

In a collaboration with screenwriter Ed Whitmore, the former detective detailed how the case unfold to catch the culprit.

It was a huge success for ITV and as such, producers managed to generate an idea for a second season entitled The Night Stalker.

This was a case DCI Sutton was brought onto after his work on the Bellfield case launched him to new heights in his career.

Delroy Grant, who sexually assaulted over 100 pensioners in their homes, was the case explored in the second season.

This was an investigation that lasted 11 years but when Sutton was brought on three years before it was closed, he cracked the case.

With such convictions under his belt, Sutton declared this would be his last case before he went into retirement.

For this reason, it is unknown if there will be a third season of Manhunt unless producers decide to go back into the DCI’s past.

It’s a possibility!

Colin Sutton

Sutton has hinted another run of episodes could be in the pipeline as he worked on 30 murder cases during his career for three different forces.

The former DCI said: “I wasn’t sure if we should come back and do another one after we did the first one.

“But Ed and I are thinking about it and we’re talking about maybe doing a third. I have to say it’s a possibility!”

He hinted in an interview with the press it could be a case of treading back through his past as there are some investigations that could make good television.

Screenwriter Whitmore added: “As Colin says, we are talking about that right now and it’s a possibility [season three] for sure.”

There were two years between each season, making it likely season three would air sometime in 2023 if it was to be given the go-ahead.

The network, ITV, has yet to confirm the news as Sutton and Whitmore’s comments are only speculative at the moment.

The leading star of the drama, Martin, hasn’t revealed either if he would be willing to reprise Sutton’s role again.

What does the real Colin Sutton make of the Manhunt series?

Acting as a consultant on the drama, Colin has been at the front of the creative process but even he found it emotional to go back in time.

Speaking ahead of the release of season one, the former detective said: “That was one of my stipulations, that if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do this authentically, we’re going to make it right.

“What really brought it home for me was episode two [of season one]. There’s a scene in there where I had to go to France and see Amelie Delagrange’s family.

“It was the most emotional and moving thing I’ve ever had to do, in the police or otherwise, and the way it was portrayed, the way it was directed, the way Martin acted it, brought back all those memories to me.”

“It exceeded all my expectations in terms of being an accurate representation of what we did,” he continued.

Manhunt season 2 concludes tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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