Man trying to sell his home makes brilliant video bigging up the pool

A homeowner keen to sell his home before the stamp duty deadline has made a quirky promo video showing off his outdoor pool while he stands in the middle of it.

Sanderson Jones’ sadly spent the day after his 40th birthday disappointed after he found out last week that buyers for his two-bed flat had pulled out at the 11th hour.

This spurred the ex-comedian on to take matters into his own hands by recording a tongue-in-cheek video which pays special attention to a major selling point for the £425,000-listed property – its pool.

The clip opens with big bold captions that read: ‘Get a life. Get a pool’, and shows dad-of-one Sanderson sitting in a beach-style hut telling viewers that what’s missing from their life is a pool.

‘New Year’s Resolutions? So last year,’ he says from the hut.

‘You don’t need a diet. You look great already.

‘Exercise? Tiring. New Year. New pool.’

He also claims people will ‘be able to tell that you’ve got a pool’ when you move in as it gives the owner ‘a certain je ne sais quoi’.

The clip cuts regularly to Sanderson standing waist-deep in the waters of the shared pool, trying to convince viewers that it’s delightful and not exceptionally cold.

Sanderson, from East Dulwich, South East London, said: ‘We had the idea of banging on about the pool and how it’s going to turn you into a better person. And to be honest, it has been great.

‘Particularly during lockdown it felt like we were on holiday. I think there will be other folk like us who go ‘yeah, it would be pretty cool to have that.’.

‘The reason we bought this place is because it had a pool. It was the first place we saw. Why wouldn’t you have a flat with a pool?

‘There’s nowhere in London that’s got a community vibe like this, and because you’ve got to look after the pool you get to know the neighbours.

‘I could certainly feel for Leonardo Di Caprio filming Titanic because it was absolutely freezing. It’s a heated pool, but it wasn’t being heated when we filmed it.’

Sanderson and partner Imogen Moore-Shelley share the flat with their one-year-old Davey Jones, who also enjoys the pool by floating around with his parents.

The Sanderson and Imogen were disappointed when they were told the flat’s buyer had pulled out after three months of trying to sell it, so Sanderson decided he wanted to highlight the property’s most unique feature.

Sanderson said: ‘It’s quite frustrating when you’re trying to sell a house, and you just have to wait for people to come to you.

‘A friend told me how unique it was that the property has a pool, so I thought we should do something to highlight that, then I contacted Sam.

‘We wanted to do something that was a bit silly and a bit fun. We wrote the script, so I used that and ad-libbed a bit too, then Sam did a brilliant job at editing it together.

‘Hopefully it works. I’ve already noticed it’s been shared and posted in various forums and we’ve had one enquiry already so we’ll see how it goes.’

Sanderson owns The Lifefulness Project, which is a community building company that he says helps individuals and companies increase their involvement in their local areas.

He posted the video to LinkedIn in a post that read: ‘Not classic LinkedIn content but…. I’m 100% confident this is the funniest joke property advertisement you’ve ever seen.

‘Bit of backstory: We’re currently selling our flat in East Dulwich and last week (the day after my 40th birthday!) our buyer pulled out. Which sucks.

‘We’ve had an offer accepted on a new place, the stamp duty deadline is coming up and ARGH!!!!

‘I asked our estate agent if there was anything I could to help get it out there. He said we just had to wait for more people to click on the listing.

‘The thought then occurred to me: “what if I make a dumb promo for the place?”. So, with the help of Sam Nicoresti, I did just that.

‘The business bit: If you know anyone who is looking for an affordable (for London) two-bedroom flat in Dulwich / Peckham, then please tag them in this.

‘And if you’re feeling guilty because you didn’t get me an expensive birthday present, sharing this will make up for it. Hope you like the vid and thanks for getting the word out.’

Commenters on the post seem pretty taken with the concept, with one writing: ‘So good! Didn’t know I was looking for a flat with a pool until I saw this.’

Another commented: ‘I like that it says “Motivated Sellers” which seems like the understatement of the year.’

If you’re interested in the pool and the flat that just happens to go with it, you can check out the listing on Purple Bricks.

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