Mädchen Amick Breaks Down 'Riverdale' Shockers, Says Falice Only Gets 'Even More Complicated'

See which secret she’s been keeping forever … and which she was kinda “disappointed” to learn.

Can we give a big ?to Mädchen Amick for her performance in tonight’s new episode of "Riverdale"? OK, thanks.

Her character, Alice Cooper, confronted not one, not two, but three devastating truths in "Prisoners." First, she learned that Chic (Hart Denton) was not actually her son, Charles. Then, the impostor said he killed Charles during a fight (though we’re still skeptical about that until we see a body). And last, but certainly not least, she finally admitted to FP Jones (Skeet Ulrich) that the child was his … not her husband Hal’s. Yeah, it was a doozy of an hour.

The revelations were a long time coming for fans of the show and Falice shippers in particular, who long speculated the two once shared a lot more than just their Serpent pasts. According to Amick, she’s been waiting just as long to share the news with them … and even her co-stars!

TooFab caught up with the actress to chat about week’s biggest shockers, how Urich was her "rock" filming that emotional scene and what’s to come as the show races towards its May season finale.

It was revealed tonight that Charles was FP’s son. How long have you been holding onto that secret?

I pretty much knew it as soon as Chic was introduced. I think [showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa] was trying to keep a secret, like, maybe, maybe. And he just finally told Skeet and I, "Yep, he’s your kid. He’s your kid!" We knew and we’ve been holding onto that secret for a while.

Have people been trying to get it out of you since the second he was introduced?

Yep! Absolutely everybody. Everybody as far as actors, everybody in the crew, all of the fans, every interviewer. We just had to play that good little cat and mouse game of, "I don’t know, maybe. You think he looks like us? That’s interesting."

So you knew before the rest of the cast?

Yeah, he let Lili [Reinhart], Skeet and I know what the truth behind Chic was.

The scene where Alice tells FP the truth. You tweeted about it, saying it was "incredibly challenging" and said Skeet was your "rock." Can you talk a little bit about shooting that moment?

Our schedule became so crazy for these back handful of episodes, trying to get everything shot and having the holiday break get in the middle of it, it put everything behind schedule. This scene was the last scene to be shot and completed quite a long time after we had moved onto other episodes, it was way out of the scheduling timeline.

I was called into set at midnight and the scene was maybe going to be filmed and maybe not, depending on if we ran out of time and that right there makes you teeter … because you need to start preparing to get there emotionally. To just be filming it at 2-3 in the morning, it felt very discombobulating to me. It had been so long since we filmed the episode, it was very challenging for me to get back to that same emotional place.

It was one of the few times that I felt really lost right before filming. I just looked at Skeet and I said, "I need you" and he and I went to the back of the set and he just was so there for me and talked about what we felt was important in the scene and I knew in the moment that he and I were in it together and everything else just drifted away. That’s why he was my rock in that moment. He definitely gave me that lifesaver raft in the tumultuous ocean.

This revelation is going to change things for Alice and FP going forward. What can you tease about the future of Falice?

Well, I can certainly guarantee it’s going to make things even more complicated.

Other big reveal is that Chic isn’t Charles. Is that another secret you had from the beginning?

That was pretty later. They kept that secret for a while. Basically, Roberto kept saying he’s got his own dark secret. It definitely threw me for a loop. I knew the new character that came into the Cooper house was clearly dark and had other motives, but I really didn’t guess that he was not going be Chic and that was going to throw this other layer into the Cooper house. I have to admit, there was a little bit of disappointment, because he was the perfect mixture between Skeet and I. I was like, wow, that’s great casting!

I can’t tell too much where that storyline goes in the last few episodes, but I can say that mystery is going to continue to unravel and there may be even yet another twist that gets thrown into it.

The episode ends with Betty thinking Hal’s the Black Hood. We know you can’t confirm or deny that one, but can you tease whether Alice will come face to face with the Black Hood at all?

In great ‘Riverdale’ fashion, things are never what they seem. And yes, we will have a reveal of the Black Hood and quite a number of townspeople in Riverdale come face to face with the Black Hood.

We know you’re in D.C. this weekend and just wanted to see if you wanted to talk about what you’re doing there?

I was invited out by The Creative Coalition to go to Capitol Hill and fight for the funding of the arts that’s been recently cut by the White House, so we’re going to plead our case why it’s so important to keep it in our education system. While I’m there, I’m going to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner, which I’m so incredibly excited about. I’m somewhat of a political nerd, my husband and I obsessively watch politics, so that’s going to be fun to attend and meet all the D.C. people. What I’m hoping is, while I’m there, create some good relationships going forward so I can bring some mental health reform and advocacy to all the right folks in D.C.

"Riverdale" airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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