Lucifer: The 5 best Lucifer episodes to watch ahead of Lucifer season 5

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Part one of Lucifer season five will premiere on Friday, August 21 on Netflix worldwide. For fans who may not have a lot of time to watch all four seasons in one sitting before the new series, here is a list of the five best Lucifer episodes you do not want to miss.

They’re Back, Aren’t They?

The season three premiere episode is a favourite among Lucifer fans.

The episode beings with Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) waking up in the desert with his wings and clueless to why he’s ended up there.

Lucifer enlists the help of Chloe Decker (Lauren German) to try and piece together what happened to him and they soon discover someone had him kidnapped – but who?

They’re Back, Aren’t They also introduces season three villain Lieutenant Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling).

You can watch season three of Lucifer via Amazon Prime Video now.

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The first episode of Lucifer is a great place to start and is a great dose of Lucifer nostalgia.

The Pilot is even a favourite with Lucifer actress Lesley-Ann Brandt who plays the devil Mazikeen.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about their favourite episodes, Brandt gushed over the first episode.

Brandt said: “You are introduced to this world and the characters.

“We pick up where Lucifer and Mazikeen have been on Earth for five years. It’s just shot very beautifully and sexy.

“Len Wiseman, who directed our pilot episode, really set the tone and the look of the show, which I love.”

Season one of Lucifer is available to stream and download on Amazon Prime Video now.

Quintessential Deckerstar

Season three, episode 23 of Lucifer is titled Quintessential Deckerstar.

The episode sadly sees the death of Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer) at the hands of Marcus Pierce, leaving Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) and fans of Lucifer devastated.

Elsewhere in the episode, Lucifer admitted his feelings for Chloe and they kissed.

Quintessential Deckerstar is a favourite for Ella Lopez star Aimee Garcia.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Garcia said: “It’s so beautiful and so heartbreaking. I dare you not to cry in that episode.”

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Who’s da New King of Hell

The finale of season four is a tough re-watch but worth revisiting if you are a Lucifer fan.

Although the episode ends with Lucifer returning to rule over Hell, it is the first time Chloe admits her true feelings for the devil.

Lucifer also confessed his first love was never Eve (Inbar Lavi), it was Chloe, which was a bittersweet ending for fans.

Elsewhere in the episode, Lucifer, Amenadiel (DB Woodside), Maze, Chloe, and Eve had to save Dr Linda’s (Rachael Harris) newborn son Charlie from the clutches of Father Kinley (Graham McTavish).

Season four of Lucifer is streaming on Netflix now.

Liar, Liar, S****y Dress on Fire

Fans will never forget the introduction of Charlotte Richards/The Goddess.

Lucifer’s mother made her appearance in season two, episode two, titled Liar, Liar, S****y Dress on Fire.

Shocked at her return, Lucifer feared her purpose on Earth was to take him back to hell.

The synopsis Liar, Lair, S****y Dress on Fire reads: “When Lucifer’s mother, Charlotte, turns up at the scene of a grizzly murder pleading innocence, Lucifer is hesitant to believe her tale.

“Not wanting to leave her on her own, he instructs Maze to babysit her – and not to torture her, allowing him to investigate the case with Chloe.”

Lucifer season 5 premieres Friday, August 21 on Netflix

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