Lucifer season 5: DB Woodside shuts down popular time-stopping theory ‘I’ll help you out’

Lucifer stars reflect on show during last day of filming

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Season five of the popular Netflix drama left fans with some burning questions after the first eight episodes were released last August. With the second half of Lucifer’s latest instalment finally coming to screens next month, DB Woodside has weighed in on Twitter regarding an ambiguous Amenadiel moment from episode eight, ‘Spoiler Alert’.

DB Woodside has taken to Twitter to clear up a contested Amenadiel moment from Lucifer’s midseason five finale.

With the series on hiatus until May 28, viewers are still thinking about some of the shocking moments from the popular fantasy drama’s latest season.

In ‘Spoiler Alert’, a heavy moment between Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) and his new girlfriend Chloe Decker (Lauren German) is suddenly put on hold by the concerned angel.

Having recently become a father to baby Charlie, Amenadiel’s time-stopping powers make a return when Lucifer’s brother stops by with some questions about his son’s celestial heritage.

As ‘Lucifans’ will recall, their argument quickly descends into an angelic brawl in the LAPD precinct when Lucifer’s twin brother Michael arrives on the scene.

The shocking first appearance of God (Dennis Haysbert) then tipped fans’ excitement into overdrive, though some are still pondering over Amenadiel’s time-stopping all these months later.

One viewer speculated on Twitter that the midseason freeze-frame may have actually been caused by Lucifer’s inability to tell Chloe how he really feels.

They said: “But are we sure it was Amenadiel? I kind of like the theory that it was actually Lucifer.”

“We’ve only ever seen Amenadiel slow time, and we’ve seen Luci stop it in Hell, so I’m wondering if his fear of telling Chloe he loves her is what actually triggered it.”

However, other fans quickly reminded them that Lucifer was only able to stop time in the underworld to create the Hell Loops used for torturing lost souls.

Moreover, the debate was quickly settled when Amenadiel himself, DB Woodside posted his response.

He replied: “Hi. I’ll help you out. It was Amenadiel. Now you’re ready for 5b.”

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Woodside’s insight has finally settled one of the biggest questions plaguing fans since binge-watching the first half of season five last year.

The fan conceded the point and replied: “Dude, SPOILER ALERT! LOL…seriously, thank you, DB! We’re so ready for 5B!”

Even so, it’s easy to see how the sequence prompted so much debate, considering how much Amenadiel’s powers have changed over the series.

When he and Lucifer were at odds back in season one, Amenadiel would frequently slow time to ensure the brothers’ private conversations wouldn’t be interrupted.

However, the powerful celestial has since lost his grip on his ‘Chronokinesis’, so it was certainly a surprise to see the angel exercise his abilities so efficiently.

Still, this now seemingly confirms speculation that Amenadiel inadvertently halted the passage of time during a moment of extreme stress.

With dear old Dad finally paying a visit to Earth, hopefully Lucifer’s brother can start to overcome his concerns about Charlie and revert the timeline back to normal.

Lucifer Season 5, Part 2 will be released on Friday, May 28 on Netflix.

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