Love Island’s Mary and Aaron brutally dumped from villa days before grand final

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Love Island's Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson have become the latest couple couple to be given the boot from the villa after it was revealed they received the fewest votes from viewers at home.

The shock dumping came after the Islanders finally seemed to put days of drama behind them, and were babysitting their new doll children.

There had been tension after Faye and Teddy, Jake and Liberty and Mary and Aaron all worked out who had voted them as "least compatible" couples.

Priya and Brett received five votes from their fellow islanders, with the only couple choosing not to vote for the pair as Kaz and Tyler.

With three of the couples all receiving three votes each, it led tensions to rise from inside the villa as the islanders quizzed their pals on why they don't find them compatible.

Mary and Aaron were particularly fuming with Kaz and Tyler, who had voted for them instead of Brett and Priya, which saw them ask the couple about their decision-making, though it ultimately ended in a row between Kaz and Aaron.

While Aaron later apologised to Kaz, tensions were still running high in the villa following Faye and Teddy's frustrations with their friends who had voted them as the least compatible.

At the end of Tuesday night's episode, the public were then given the chance to vote for their favourite couple once again, which ultimately saw two islanders leave the villa – but they certainly had a great challenge to go out with.

The Islanders were greeted with six new arrivals, when they found the baby dolls had arrived in the villa.

They chose the names Tommy, Benjamin, Sienna, Remi, Marley and Jackson for their new arrivals.

Some couples fared better than others when it came to childcare, but the girls were left fuming when the boys received a text inviting them to leave the villa to play golf.

Fans reacted to the news of the latest dumping on Twitter.

One fan penned: "Gutted for Mary and Aaron."

Another penned: "Mary and Aaron such an underated couple."

A third person posted: "i’d rather have had Mary and Aaron in the final tbh than Teddy and Faye.

While a fourth social media user said: "Awh I love Mary and Aaron."

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