Love Island’s Jack makes shock next move which causes major couples power shift

Jack Fowler makes a shock next move in tonight’s Love Island which causes a major couples power shift.

Laura Anderson, who dumped Jack then made a massive u-turn, still hopes she can win her man back.

But he is a man scorned and tells the boys that while he still has feelings for Laura he won’t feed her a "load of rubbish" just so they can reunite.

Jack quickly gets on to grafting Grace Wardle and they start to bond while the hairdresser gives him a trim.

This doesn’t go down with Laura as she still harbours feelings for Jack and believes he is playing games to make her jealous.

Jack and Grace have barely interacted since she entered the main villa but reveal their feelings during an intimate chat.

She tells him: "When I first saw you I thought ‘you’re fit’ and everything. Everyone in here is fit. But I did notice how confident you were and how affectionate you were to Laura and I thought that was really nice.

"The more I’ve seen you around, I just think you’re quite a nice guy so it’ll be nice to get to know you."

New Jack tells her: "Don’t feel as if you can’t come and chat to me. It’s not like you’re going to step on anyone’s toes. I’m single in here."

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The nerves start to get to Grace as she’s under pressure to win Jack over while making sure she doesn’t hurt him while cutting his hair.

In the Beach Hut, Grace says: "I was really nervous cutting Jack’s hair. I was trying to concentrate making sure the haircut was good but I was also trying to concentrate on giving it the chat. I was thinking ‘do not mess this up.’"

That night, Laura vents her frustrations to Dr Alex, who has not hit it off with Grace since they returned to the main villa.

Gutted Laura tells Adam that she it’s hard to see Jack moving on with Grace but he advises her to stay strong.

Meanwhile, Grace and new Jack have another chat in the garden as they grow closer by the hour.

He says: “Getting to know you more and more it’s nice. There are a lot of things about you that I think are quite unexpected.”

Grace tells him: “I think you bring out a more playful side to me which is nice.”

Is this the start of a blossoming romance? Or will Laura get her man back?

*Love Island airs tonight on ITV2 at 9pm

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