Love Island’s Faye screams at Jake in explosive teaser as villa set to erupt

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Love Island has aired an explosive teaser trailer ahead of Tuesday night's episode.

In a trailer at the end of Monday's Love Island, Faye Winter can be seen ranting at Jake Cornish, who she believes isn't "genuine", after a tense vote which saw both Faye and Teddy and Liberty and Jake vulnerable for elimination after being voted the least compatible couples.

Faye could be heard raving at Jake, presumably about his girlfriend Liberty Poole: "She is by far the most genuine person, and you Jake – inside and out – are just not the same!"

Faye then stormed away from the fire-pit where they had been gathered, still yelling at Jake.

It comes after both couples faced a tense public vote – with some accusing Jake of playing yet more games in order to take "revenge" on Faye for what she'd said in the past about his relationship with Liberty.

Faye branded Jake a "showman" after he finally dropped the L-bomb with Liberty.

Speaking to Teddy about Jake, Faye said: "I love him, so much, but he's a showman.

"He's done the girlfriend thing because he's a showman. I can promise you that won't work on the outside".

And things certainly look like they'll get even more explosive in days to come.

Though the public vote saw Brett and Priya voted off the Island, Liberty and Jake were clearly flustered to be at risk – as were Faye and Teddy.

But some fans were certain Jake was up to some tactical voting as revenge for what Faye and the other girls had said about him, causing him to storm out of the villa in a fit of fury.

"Jake deffo voted for Faye out of revenge!" one fan posted on Twitter, as another said: "Jake swayed Liberty to vote for Faye and Teddy. He wanted revenge."

A third viewer penned: "Did Jake vote Faye so he could get revenge for her calling him fake??"

And someone else followed up: "Jake got his revenge on Faye. That was all calculated."

It isn't the first time Jake has seemingly been exposed in the villa, after a tense movie night challenge saw his Casa Amor 'game playing' tactics come to light.

Liberty felt betrayed as it was revealed Jake had egged the other lads on to cheat on their respective partners while in Casa Amor, and even more so when scenes from the first week aired.

Jake had said he didn't want to "rip Liberty's clothes off", and saw her more as "Jake in a wig".

It led to plenty of soul-searching in their relationship.

Love Island continues on Tuesday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

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