Love Island’s Andrew Le Page urges winners Jess and Sammy to ‘ignore others’ for success

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Last year Andrew Le Page and his stunning girlfriend, Tasha Ghouri, captured hearts and secured their place as finalists in their series of Love Island.

Since their time in the Spanish villa, the couple's love has flourished, marked by moving in together and adopting an adorable dog, Luna.

With their one-year anniversary just celebrated, Andrew and Tasha are now on the hunt for their dream home, proving that love can indeed flourish after the cameras stop rolling.

As this summer series of Love Island crowned Sammy Root and Jess Harding as the new champions, Andrew, while surprised at the outcome, extended his congratulations to the deserving winners.

"I really wasn't expecting Sammy and Jess to win but you know, I feel like they all kind of deserve it," he said to The Mirror. "They've all been in there for so long and it could have been anyone but you know, it was definitely a surprise to me but congrats to them and I'm very happy for them."

The former estate agent revealed his favourite couple from this season, Ella and Tyrique, as they reminded him of his own experience. Just like him and Tasha, the public put them together from the start.

Andrew knows firsthand the challenges that arise when transitioning from the Love Island bubble to the real world. To the new couples stepping out of the villa, he offers a valuable piece of advice: ignore the noise and focus on your relationship.

"I feel like you've got to ignore things… no one else knows your relationship apart from the people that are in it," he explained. "So my advice is don't listen to other people. If you're happy in a relationship and you're genuine that this is what you want then who cares what other people think?

Drawing from his personal experience, Andrew encourages couples not to be swayed by public opinions, which are inevitable in the world of reality TV. He and Tasha faced their fair share of judgments, but their unwavering commitment to each other has proven that love can endure beyond the confines of the show.

Andrew added: "People can have opinions and that's absolutely fine. And people had opinions about me and Tasha. I mean, look at us. We're so strong, we've moved in, we've got a puppy, we're looking to buy a house.”

With a journey that has seen them go from Love Island finalists to a loving and committed couple in the real world, Andrew and Tashi have become an inspiring example for new Love Island winners and viewers alike.

As fans eagerly awaited the Love Island finale to see which couple would emerge victorious, the results left many shocked. Whitney and Lochan, the initial favourites, took the second spot, while Ella and Tyrique secured a respectable third position. Molly and Zach wrapped up the season by placing fourth.

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