Love Island Jake eyes up new bombshell Abigail’s toes after foot fetish flirting

Love Island star Jake Cornish has eyed up new girl Abigail Rawling's feet and shared his foot fetish with her during Thursday's episode.

During a chat on the sunbeds, Jake, Abigail, Hugo and Lucinda were chatting in the evening after the three new bombshells walked in.

Tattoo artist Abigail pointed to one of her foot tattoos and said: "My foot says sink or swim, actually it says sink swim cos I didn't get the 'or' cos it hurt too much."

Then she saw Jake eyeing up her toes, and she jokingly jibed: "Don't you look at those!"

Jake, who has a well-known foot fetish, and then responded: "I know a good foot when I see one."

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The water engineer from Weston-super-mare has been coupled up with Nandos waitress Liberty Poole since day one, and is keen to take things further with her – but is happy to partake in the odd cheeky conversation.

The foursome all erupted in laughter and he added: "You've got nice feet, I don't know why you getting all nervous about it.

"I like feet, what size feet you got?"

Abigail said: "Size 3."

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The group all laughed again, knowing that Jake would be revelling in this information.

"I love-love feet," added Jake.

The conversation then moved on to the 27-year-old Bournemouth girl's celebrity crushes.

Jake quizzed her on her preferences and said: "So if I say to you now, you've got two celebrity crushes, who are they?"

She answered: "Chris Brown and Zac Efron."

Then when adding in her musts in a man, Abigail then added: "My favourite thing is when they're funny."

Hugo then laughed and told her: "You've come to the wrong place."

Abigail has also caused a stir in the villa between couple Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromoaran, with the new lass pulling footballer Toby for a cheeky chat in shot of a scorned Chloe.

The couple who have been together for the last couple of weeks look like they could be on the rocks.

During a clip showing the next episode, the pair can be seen arguing on Friday night's episode.

In the teaser, Chloe can be seen saying: "It's not a test for me – it's for you – you failed!"

Love Island will return tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2.

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