Love Island fans aghast as they learn stars’ real ages despite ‘childish’ ways

Love Island fans have been left in shock after they discovered the real ages of the current islanders.

Although the ages of the currently batch of Islanders have previously been publicised, some viewers reckon things just don't add up, as they believe some stars are acting younger than their actual age.

Fiery Faye Winter has surprised fans, as many seemed to forget that she is in fact 26 years old and the same age as Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank.

While Chloe Burrows is 25 as well as Jake Cornish and Millie Court.

But fans were taken aback when they relearnt that the islanders were in their mid-late twenties and felt their behaviour was not reflected of their age.

However, some viewers believed that the younger contestants that were in their early twenties displayed more maturity.

Not only this but some fans think the younger islanders look a lot older than their years.

Liberty Poole and Liam Reardon are both 21 yearsold, while Toby Aromolaran and Mary Bedford are both 22.

Taking to Twitter, fans shared their disbelief regarding the islanders real ages.

One fan tweeted: "Faye is actually too old to be like that."

While another said: "Are we sure Faye is 26? She doesn't deal with conflict like a 26 year old."

A third chimed: "Liam doesn’t even talk like a 21 year old, this is a grown man – I don't care."

"Liberty is still very young. I keep forgetting she’s only 21 so maybe this is a very new experience for her and she doesn’t know how to deal with guys like Jake," a fourth commented.

During Tuesday night's episode fans were gobsmacked with Faye's behaviour after she confronted the people who voted herself and Teddy Soares as the least compatible couple.

Clearly not happy about being in the bottom, Faye made sure she made her feelings known to the other residents in the villa and came to blows with the other islanders.

But the uncomfortable scenes involving hot-headed Faye didn't stop there. Later on during the Love Island talent show, Faye performed a comedy piece but insulted the majority of her fellow islanders while she did so.

Taking to Twitter again, fans expressed their thoughts.

"Cringeeee Faye," one fan penned.

While another said: "Nobody laughed Faye. Not one person. Just pure bad vibes."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV and ITVHub at 9pm

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