Love Island 2017's Muggy Mike doesn't think Dr Alex George should get through on the sympathy vote

The nation may have taken Love Island‘s unlucky Dr Alex George and his quest for love into their hearts, but one person who isn’t exactly swayed is a former Islander that we all know very well.

Yep, it looks like Mike Thalassitis – aka Muggy Mike – thinks that if Alex can’t find anyone who likes him back in the villa, he shouldn’t stick around in the competition just because viewers want to see more of him.

“I like Alex. I know he’s loved now, but I don’t like sometimes on these shows when there’s a bit of favouritism,” he told The Sun Online.

“Really in there it’s dog eat dog and everyone should have a fair platform. If you don’t find someone, and they’re the cards you’ve been dealt in there, it’s tough shit really, you’ve got to deal with it.”

The former contestant also thinks that Alex has to do more in the villa to stand out and stop “feeling sorry” for himself.

“I had a hard time. I wasn’t in there for a long time at all and made a statement, so I think he needs to,” Mike continued. “The feeling sorry thing… I’m not really a sympathy man. Nothing bad has really happened to him, he’s just lost out on a girl.”

Alex hasn’t had the best luck on the show so far, having been betrayed by Eyal Booker after Eyal kissed new arrival Megan Barton Hanson right in front of Alex just after Alex had admitted how much he likes Megan.

That bad luck almost came to a head last night when he and Samira Mighty were voted the ‘least compatible’ couple by other contestants, and viewers were asked to vote to dump either Alex and Samira, or Hayley Hughes and Charlie Frederick.

Despite fearing they would be in trouble as a ‘friendship couple’, ultimately viewers opted to save Samira and Alex, meaning Hayley and Charlie were dumped from the villa and Alex still has a chance to find the love of his life.

Still, Mike has played the game before and adds that Alex (and the viewers) should be wary of anyone who comes into the villa now and tries to couple up with him.

“It’s going to be fake if someone comes in and goes, ‘I really like Alex,'” Mike continued. “All these girls on the outside picking Alex over Adam. Again, these girls are kidding themselves. We all know most of these girls in real life wouldn’t pick Alex.

“But he’s not a bad looking guy at all. He’s not a bad guy. Alex just doesn’t have that confidence a woman would want in a man. He reminds me of last year’s Camilla but in a different way.”

Well, the villa is set to introduce two new bombshells tomorrow night, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Alex meets his match.

Love Island takes a break tonight as it reflects back on the last week in Love Island: The Weekly Hot List before getting right back to the action when it continues tomorrow night (June 17) at 9pm on ITV2.

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