Lost in Space's Will Robinson wants more original cast members to cameo in season 2

Sure, a second season of Netflix’s Lost in Space hasn’t *officially* been confirmed (it’s looking good though, and all of the cast have their fingers crossed) but that can’t stop us from imagining our ideal season two, can it?

And top of young star Maxwell Jenkins’ dream checklist for another season would be to see members of the original ’60s TV classic pop up in cameo appearances, as he’s telling Digital Spy that it would be “amazing” to see.

“I’m hoping, that would be really cool,” Maxwell, who plays Will Robinson on the show, told us.

“It would be amazing to see that, I’m hoping! The entire cast, they’ve been so supportive of the show since they heard our show was being written.”

The Netflix reboot has already given us one major throwback to the classic series, bringing back the original Will Robinson, actor Bill Mumy, for a couple of brief appearances over the course of the first season.

“I got to know Bill [Mumy] incredibly well,” Maxwell said. “We bonded over comic books and wrote a song together because I had a school assignment where I had to write a song, he helped me with that. When I’m in LA, we hang out with each other.

“I think him representing the old cast on the show, combining these two generations – it’s been really cool. It’s been meaningful to be part of that family, to be part of that crew, just to connect with a past version of yourself in a way.”

Maxwell also revealed that having Bill’s support for the new series meant the world to him, adding that he was really worried about how the original Will would respond to his work.

“Bill, when he watched it for the first time, he called me and said, ‘You know Max, I just wanted to say I’m really proud of you,'” Maxwell reflected.

“It made me burst into tears because that was one of the main things I was worried about, making Bill proud.”

Lost in Space is available to stream now on Netflix.

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