Loose Women agent Melanie Blake shaken after theft of £100k worth of jewels and designer handbags

LOOSE Women agent Melanie Blake has been the victim of a £100,000 jewellery robbery.

The best-selling author has been left shaken after the theft of some of her jewels as well as five Chanel handbags.

Blake, who manages stars of Loose Women, Coronation Street, Eastenders and Emmerdale alongside her writing career, has been forced to upgrade her security and move her remaining valuables to a safe deposit box.

Melanie hit headlines three years ago when she spent thousands on buying some of late author Jackie Collins’ iconic jewellery – but a stroke of luck meant those pieces were being used for filming at the time of the theft.

Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of the alleged thief but have yet to make an arrest.

A friend revealed: “Melanie’s heart was in her mouth when she discoed the theft.

“She’s worked hard for what she has, nothing was ever handed to her, and so for someone to take it from her has shaken her.

“It was only when she realised that Jackie’s jewels were safe that she began to realise how lucky she’d been and that she’d been naive to have kept them at her home in the first place. 

“Despite her tough exterior she’s a kind hearted and generous woman who is always happy to help anyone, so she was devastated that someone she’d allowed in her home could betray her trust in such a way.”

A spokesman for Melanie confirmed the theft and said the author was desperate for two of the pieces stolen in the raid to be returned to her.

He said: “Beyond their financial worth, they are of huge sentimental value, one is an 18 carat columbian emerald ring which sits distinctively in a cage in a rose gold and diamond setting.

“The other is a pair of unique Cartier gold and diamond curtain earrings from the 1980s which she wore in the Ruthless Women advert campaign.

“Melanie understands the chances of finding them now are slim but she’s still hopeful they might turn up if the public see photos of them as they are so distinctive.”

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