Little People's Tori Roloff slammed for 'tone-deaf' Covid post about going to 'play at Disneyland'

TORI Roloff has come under fire with fans after a "tone deaf" message about wanting to travel to Disneyland with her family.

The Little People star, 29, asked when the coronavirus pandemic would be over so she could go to to the theme park.

Posting on her Instagram stories, Tori wrote: "I just heard Jackson yell 'dada, I got Disneyland pweeeease?!'

"He is my son for sure. Also. Can the world go back to normal so we can go play at Disneyland?!"

While a phased reopening of the Downtown Disney District is in the works, the main theme park will "remain closed and will reopen at a later date, pending state and local government approvals", according to the Disneyland website.

Fans of the TLC reality series were quick to criticize Tori and labelled her message as "tone deaf".

One Reddit user wrote: "THAT'S ONE THING. Posting it for everyone to see, not a good look."

While another added: "Most people want the world to get back to normal so they can see family they haven’t seen in months, get their jobs back, or get pay cuts at work removed. She wants the world to go back to normal so she can go play at Disneyland… can you say entitlement?"

And a third said: "Can the world go back to normal so people can stop dying from this pandemic, people can stop losing their jobs, and all the other actual hurt in the world?!"

It is not the first time she has been criticized by viewers, but Tori does stand up for herself when she feel she's attacked unfairly.

Earlier this week, Tori clapped back at fans who claimed her baby daughter Lilah had an eye infection.

Tori was forced to hit back in her Instagram Stories, explaining that Lilah is "fine" and that she just has some "extra gloopy love" in her left eye.

The reality star wrote: "Left eye is a clogged tear duct!! Thank you people!! She's fine.

"They won't surgically unclog it until 1 year. 95 per cent clear up in that time frame.

"She does not have an infection. Just some extra gloopy love."

To silence any critics offering up their own home solutions, Tori explained that she's already tried it all – including breast milk.

"I've tried everything to help clear it," she wrote.

"Warm compress, pressure, massages and yes, even breast milk."

The star – who recently visited her father-in-law Matt's farm – added: "It's just taking its sweet time to open up. Thank you for the advice though."

Tori recently revealed that Lilah has got her first tooth after struggling to eat solid foods.

She posted on Instagram: "Lilah Ray has her first tooth! She is eating everything in sight!” alongside avocado, egg and strawberry emojis.

She added: "She is scooting and rolling everywhere. Everything goes in girlsies mouth these days.

"She has discovered the pool and LOVES the water. Homegirl has major stranger danger these days and is straight up terrified of people wearing masks…"

The TV star recently wrote of becoming a mom to another child who is a little person.

She wrote: "I pray I’m the mother you deserve Lilah. I love you so much it hurts sometimes. I want to be the best role model for you.

“I want to live my life as best I can just to show you how good life can be and is. As long as you keep smiling Lilah Girl- that’s enough for me.

“You’re going to do wondrous things my little minnow. I can see it already”

Tori – who also has a son Jackson, three, with husband Zach – was in tears when she discovered her unborn daughter was going to be a little person.

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