Line of Duty's Ryan Pilkington battles to maintain cover as he's grilled in first look at episode 4

LINE of Duty's Ryan Pilkington fights to maintain his cover as he faces tough questioning in a first look at episode 4.

The popular police drama is heating up nicely and the mouthy youngster turned bent cop is facing a grilling from AC-12.

Snaps from the upcoming episode show the new police officer looking a little concerned as he tried to avoid being exposed.

It appears as though AC-12 will have a mixed bag in Sunday's installment, as the official synopsis reads they will have a major breakthrough, but will also hit a bump in the road when 'an attempt to interview a key witness goes horribly wrong.'

After realising Pilkington was involved in the OCG as a child, AC-12 along with Kate Fleming have endeavoured to keep an eye on him.

Episode four of the current season will see Davidson continue to buckle under pressure from AC-12's investigation.

Fans learned last week that she may have framed her boss DSU Ian Buckells to take the fall for the murder of Gail Vella.

Episode 3 came to an end with Davidson returning to her heavily secured flat and sent messages to an anonymous user on her laptop, stating that she'd taken care of everything.

Ryan on the other hand, tried to kill witness Terry Boyle, and murdered PC Lisa Patel by driving the car into a lake in last week's enthralling episode.

Speaking of Terry, fans fear he is in danger of being killed off after show boss Jed Mercurio posted a cryptic tweet. 

After escaping death at the hands of Ryan thanks to Kate noticing the drowning car, many viewers still worry about where his future storyline may be heading, suspecting a tragic ending is to come. 

Line of Duty boss, Jed Mercurio, tweeted: “The brilliant ⁦@tommyjessop performs part of the action sequence from Episode 3 in the water tank at Titanic Studios.

“Everyone on #LineofDuty6 loved working with you. You can be immensely proud of your achievements.”

Could Jed’s tweet actually read as a tribute to Tommy? Or is Jed hinting that Terry will be the next big target?

Line of Duty continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One and then on iPlayer

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