Lindsay Lohan Will Be in ‘Life-Size 2’, Tyra Banks Confirms

The ‘America’s Next Top Model’ judge announces, ‘Lindsay Lohan will… be in ‘Life-Size 2′, yes!’

It’s apparently official! In a new interview with Steve Harvey, Tyra Banks suggests that “Life-Size 2” will see original star Lindsay Lohan returning as Casey.

In a promo of her upcoming appearance on “Steve“, Tyra is asked if Lindsay will be in the upcoming Freeform TV movie. The “America’s Next Top Model” judge later excitedly announces, “Lindsay Lohan will… be in ‘Life-Size 2’, yes!”

The model, who will be reprising her role as Eve in the sequel, later continues, “I really, really want her to. We’re talking about it right now, and she has got to come back.”

Earlier this month, Tyra told Buzzfeed that the “Mean Girls” star was “down to the down” for joining the sequel. She explained that she slid into Lindsay’s DM on Twitter, adding, “I was like, ‘Yo, I’m producing ‘Life-Size 2′ are you down?’ And she was like, ‘I’m down to the down.’ Like, she’s so down! So, we’re working on the script now.”

Tyra went on explaining that she didn’t plan to get Lindsay in just cameo capacity. “I feel like she was just as important to ‘Life-Size 1’ as I was, so I want her to have a role, at least three or four scenes. I think she would play herself grown up — like, Casey in ‘Life-Size’ grown up. So, we’ll see!”

According to the supermodel, the new movie will be “a lot sexier, a lot edgier” and feature “a different Eve.” Tyra said last year, “The script is being written right now so even I don’t know 100 percent, but it’s definitely going to be like, ‘Oh my God Eve does WHAT? Cover your eyes!’ ”

She also added that “Eve’s kind of stuck in time. So, she’s going to be a little older.” However, Casey, who was a little 10-year-old girl in the first movie, transforms into a woman in the sequel. “We have to evolve that and figure out who she is today,” Tyra shared.

Premiered in 2000, “Life-Size” followed Eve, a doll come to life after Casey’s magic spell to bring her dead mother back to life goes wrong. Meanwhile, “Life-Size 2” is set to arrive sometime in December on Freeform.

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