'Lethal Weapon' Is On The Verge Of Cancellation Due To Clayne Crawford's Behavior

What was supposed to be a slam-dunk renewal for Lethal Weapon has turned into an unexpected disaster. The questionable behavior of co-lead Clayne Crawford has been at the center of controversy this week, and the fate of the FOX hit is now up in air.

According to Deadline, Crawford has been disciplined multiple times after complaints of emotional abuse were filed against him. In fact, the problem has escalated to the point where other actors and crew members no longer feel comfortable being on set with Crawford. The growing concerns surrounding Crawford are now threatening the future of Lethal Weapon.

FOX is in the midst of exploring alternative options, one of which includes replacing Crawford with a different actor. Crawford currently plays co-lead Martin Riggs on the hit action series.

Damon Wayans, who portrays Roger Murtaugh on Lethal Weapon, has been an integral part of the series since the get-go, and he was reportedly involved in an incident with Crawford that ended badly. During their alleged confrontation, Crawford taunted Wayans for not performing a few scenes due to some safety concerns that Wayans had voiced. Currently, their off-screen relationship is being described as non-existent.

The “actor” Crawford referenced on social media is believed to be Wayans. Although Crawford’s lengthy apology is well timed, it’s unclear if it will be enough to save the show.

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