Lance Bass Calls Out Connor B For Wanting His Songs to "Make the Cut" and Connor's *Not* Here for It

Hello, hi, I am quite literally screaming at Lance Bass saying that Connor B pretty much only went on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise to launch his music career. In case you haven’t been watching this glorious season, Connor B—who’s best known as the man who cosplayed as a literal cat on The Bachelorette—has spent a lot of his time on Paradise wandering around the beach with his guitar. Truly, the crabs will never be the same.

“You can tell he’s a very sweet guy but I’m not convinced he’s there to find love,” Lance told Nick Viall on his podcast The Viall Files.” I definitely see him on there trying to start his country career like a lot of people do on that show.”

Lance added that he’d seen The Bachelorette ahead of Bachelor in Paradise (while the rest of the cast hadn’t because they were already filming), and explained that Connor was extremely focused on whether his song had made the cut.

“I had watched the Bachelorette season and they had never seen an episode yet because they were filming when they started it. So I had seen the first few episodes so I knew exactly what went down, I knew the Thomas story and all that. And [Connor] was like, ‘Wait did my song make it? Did my song make it?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I think your song made it.’ But that was like the only thing he was concerned about, was if his song made the cut.”

Connor B has since hopped on Twitter to seemingly respond to Lance and other people with less than favorable opinions, musing “‘he’s there for his music’ ‘enough with the uke’ ‘ugh he’s cringey and annoying’ – fuck OFF and let me play my dumb little songs for people; it’s my way to try and bring a little joy. kindness is free #BachelorInParadise”

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