'Kitchen Crash': Fans May Have Missed the Premiere If Jeff Mauro Hadn't Reached Out to Them Directly

The Food Network has given everyone from superstars like Martha Stewart to unknowns like Jeff Mauro an opportunity to add their twist to the slate of cooking competitions and how-to cooking shows.

However, while Stewart, Giada, Bobby Flay, and other channel staples may seem larger than life, Mauro is the opposite. Fans appreciate his accessibility, and he returns the favor by remaining open and up to date as he uses a platform like Reddit to promote his projects. 

Who is Jeff Mauro?

Mauro has always had a theatrical edge that runs in sharp comparison to other food network hosts. While he is not the only one to keep things light and let his personality shine through, his humble roots have made him a different kind of food star. According to his biography on Food Network’s website, Mauro had no desire to pursue a food career. What he wanted to do was entertain. 

After graduating from Bradley University, he opened his first catering business, Prime Time Deli & Catering n Illinois. Jeff liked cooking all sorts of dishes, but he found himself on a different stage at night, acting professionally and polishing his improv skills around Chicago. He started to get a local reputation as an entertaining cross between food and entertainment. 

Eventually, Mauro ended up in Hollywood. However, after striking out on acting gigs, he enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu to hone his cooking skills. There, he finally got the confidence needed to start his next chapter. Mauro won the seventh season of Food Network Star and has been a staple ever since. Christened the Sandwich King, his cooking shows and appearances on The Kitchen, and several competitions have made him a down-home favorite among fans. 

His accessibility doesn’t hurt either. 

The people’s sandwich king

Mauro has always been wide open with his fans. However, while many celebrities interact on Twitter and other social media, he prefers to stay on Reddit. When his latest series, Kitchen Crash, premiered, he took to Food Network’s Reddit page to let fans know what to expect. 

Hi all! Finally, after almost 2 years of meetings, sizzles, proof of concepts, pilots and da ‘ronas, I am proud to birth my newest primetime baby: Kitchen Crash. It’s wacky, super intense and hilarious all at the same time. Like a 80s-style block party, meets Door Knock Dinners meets a street brawl. I’m really proud of it and think you all will enjoy it.

Take a much needed break from the news and watch me and Petroni crash some Paramus kitchens tonight!!…

Love you all! Thank you r/foodnetwork for always having my back…talk to youse all later. (Per Reddit)

The message that Mauro posted may have given the series a much-needed boost. However, while Mauro has shown his talent not only as a chef but a personality, his latest show might be the best possible showcase of all the things he prides himself as. 

What is ‘Kitchen Crash’?

Kitchen Crash takes a similar approach to Guy’s Grocery Games, except instead of a grocery store, they have a local neighborhood to borrow ingredients from. Local homeowners watch as the chefs try to purge ingredients from their neighbors.

With a limited selection and only creativity to guide them, people must impress judges like Marcus Samuelsson with what they come up with. 

The show airs on Wednesdays and helps the Sandwich King show why he’s become one of the most popular names on this side of Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay. Whether on this show or one of his other projects, Mauro’s brand is growing stronger than it ever has. 

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