Kimmel's Fake Campaign Ad for Dr Oz's Senate Run Is as Silly as the Idea Itself (Video)

It’s fun living in the prologue of a history book from the year 2500

That’s when he cued the fake ad, which began like many other political campaign commercials, with sweeping footage of American farmland. A gravely, authoritative-sounding man narrates the video, his serious intonations juxtaposed with several scenes from Dr. Oz’s daytime talk show.

For instance, the time he did a thing to determine the “real age” of someone’s genitals. And the time he asked his audience “how many of you have penises that bend to the left?” (Dr. Oz raised his hand, by the way.) Or the time he did a weird sketch to demonstrate poop going through the body. And also the time he said “your anus looks like your lips.” And the time he created “your own giant rectum” for one of his show guests.

At the end of the ad, the narrator explains that it was “paid for by Americans who thought this was a joke… I guess Dr. Oz really is running for the Senate? What the f—?”

Watch the whole monologue above now. The fake ad happens around the 5:15 mark.

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