Kim Tate gets rid of Andrea in Emmerdale after exposing her secret?

Kim Tate (Claire King) has everything that she needs to get rid of her son Jamie’s (Alexander Lincoln) wife Andrea (Anna Nightingale) in Emmerdale which is what she has hoped for ever since she stepped foot into Home Farm.

But the problem is, could Jamie ever forgive his mum for tearing apart his family? Knowing that she could lose Jamie for good by exposing Andrea’s secret, Kim has a decision to make tonight – lie to her son or destroy his world?

Grahm Foster (Andrew Scarborough) revealed to Kim that he had hired Andrea to keep tabs on Jamie when he was in a bad place and unable to do so himself. But he then lost contact with Andrea, who had genuinely fallen for Jamie and then went on to have a child, Millie, with him.

Jamie is blissfully unaware of the arrangement and despite Kim’s belief that Andrea is after Jamie’s money, Andrea insists that the wealth is of no interest to her – she loves him.

We last left the sniping women in a bit of a deadlock, with Kim warning Andrea that she had better come clean to Jamie – or she will. So what will Andrea do tonight and will Kim take pleasure in seeing her secret come out?

Kim’s biggest fear is losing Jamie after rebuilding a relationship with him after all of these years so could Andrea use this to her advantage? If Kim were to reveal the truth, Jamie would see what Andrea had lied about – but he would also most likely blame his mum for destroying his happiness.

For the first time, Kim might have to restrain herself and bite her tongue for her own good – as if there is anyone who could come off worse in such a reveal, then it would be her.

That said, Kim isn’t known for thinking her actions through first – so could she make a huge mistake and reveal all to Jamie, with shattering consequences for all concerned?

Emmerdale continues on Wednesday 12th June at 7pm on ITV.

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