This key Avengers: Infinity War trailer moment that doesn't make the film hides a major plot point

Marvel is a clever so-and-so, as we all no doubt know. Not only does it make massive movies which audiences love and critics are positive about, but it also takes risks and makes a buttload of money.


Next in Marvel’s arsenal of cleverness is Infinity War – a movie they have been promoting for years, have released a massive amount of footage for and which the cast and directors have talked about extensively. And even though Marvel has maintained the line of #ThanosDemandsYourSilence, the only reason anyone is even speculating about who dies in the movie is because the cast and writers implied in several interviews that people died… Anyway.

Anyway, a bit of misdirection from the trailer has become apparent. Remember this epic shot?

Yeah, no.

If you’ve seen the movie you will of course now know that one of the story arcs is that of Bruce Banner and Hulk, who are having an internal dialogue throughout. At the end of Thor: Ragnarok, Banner is Hulk and he’s still hulking out when we meet him in Infinity War (which follows on directly). But after a scrap with Thanos in space, Hulk falls down to earth and becomes Banner again.

Despite repeated attempts, Banner is unable to get the green guy to come back – even though in this instance he really wants him to. Instead Hulk just tells him no.

So this scene of the guys running in Wakanda with Hulk in the background just doesn’t happen. Cunning indeed.

Avengers: Infinity War is out now in the UK and will be released on April 27 in the US. Book tickets now.

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