Kate Garraway makes rude 'gag' pun after Richard Madeley admits he likes being called Dick leaving Good Morning Britain fans stunned

KATE Garraway left Good Morning Britain fans stunned today when she asked Richard Madeley, "what's it like to be a dick?"

Kate, 52, couldn't resist making the gag as Richard, 63. told viewers he takes no notice of the rude play on his name – despite new UKIP leader, Richard Braine, moaning about people calling him dickbrain.

Richard said: "Well listen, I'm called Richard which is often shortened to Dick. And many of you call me Dick. But at least I'm not called, well I am sometimes I am, called, Dick Brain.

"Mr Braine, the moment you ask people not to call you dickbrain they'll call you dickbrain.

And Kate replied: "What is it like to be a Dick? Is it tough in life?"

Continuing the comedy moment, Richard said: "Well basically after a lifetime of being a Dick, you adapt to it. You know, my own daughter calls me Dickie, which is a softening, and you adapt to it."

He added: "So Mr Braine, I don't know how old you are Mr Braine but really, get over yourself. Really, it's just a joke. Grow up man."

Kate ticked viewers more after she told Richard: "Think about the gags!"

One fan said: "@GMB talking about Dick. Did @kategarraway really say she liked the gag? ? #GMB"

Another wrote on Twitter: "#gmb this morning @kategarraway (talking about "Dicks") with @graceblakeley says "Think about the gags!" #greatchoiceofwords"

Their exchange comes after UKIP’s new boss Richard had a ding-dong with George Osborne after the ­former Chancellor took the mickey out of his name.

Mr Osborne tweeted after Mr Braine won the leadership race: “The new leader of Ukip is called Mr Dick Braine – really.”

The anti-EU party chief said yesterday: “I’m getting a bit fed up with all this dickbraine stuff. It’s time to change my name to stop the bullying.”

He also had a dig at Mr Osborne, now the editor of the London Evening Standard, who changed his name from Gideon when he was a teenager.

Mr Braine said: “Are my prospects better if I change my christian name to Gideon or George? What do you think George Osborne?”

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