'Justice League' Snyder Cut Actor Ray Porter Finally Breaks Silence on His Secret Role

For years, comic book movie fans waited for it. And indeed they rejoiced when director Zack Snyder finally confirmed a 2021 release for the Justice League Snyder cut. The film will debut on HBO Max on an unspecified date. Now the world waits to learn what new footage the film will feature.

At the moment, Warner Bros. hasn’t released many details on the content of the Justice League Snyder cut. But there’s bound to be a few cast shake-ups along the way. One new addition is Ray Porter, an actor and casting agent. Given the recent news, Porter teased his Justice League role at last.

The ‘Justice League’ Snyder cut isn’t finished yet

Almost immediately following the Justice League Snyder cut announcement, fans began to theorize about the film. Moviegoers in 2017 were generally disappointed with the theatrical cut. And after years of anticipation, surely Snyder’s vision would be epic.

After all, Snyder had a long-term vision for Justice League and its sequels. For now, there’s no update on whether he will take on additional DC movies. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, the Justice League Snyder cut will be “an entirely new thing.” Warner Bros. even committed to spending as much as $30 million to finish post-production work.

But the plan doesn’t seem to include reuniting the cast for reshoots, The Wrap reports. So fans will have to hope Snyder has what he needs to complete his vision. Without any clarity on that point, it’s uncertain how the movie will turn out.

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But actor Ray Porter will now appear as the main villain

However, one way fans can safely assume the movie will be different is its villain. Actor Ciarán Hinds portrayed Steppenwolf in the theatrical cut of Justice League. But his character is only the lieutenant to DC Comics supervillain Darkseid. The baddie never shows up in the theatrical cut, but Snyder wanted to include him. In fact, Porter already completed filming as Darkseid.

After years of rumors and speculation, the actor took to Twitter to proudly proclaim his involvement in the Justice League Snyder cut. Porter did not delve into details about how much screentime he has. But for fans of DC Comics lore, this is a big deal indeed.

Presumably, Darkseid would appear toward the film’s ending. Likely, a bigger confrontation would have been saved for sequels. But Justice League would have established his presence and dynamic with the team of heroes.

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‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ will debut on HBO Max in 2021

Darkseid is one of the most powerful and formidable evil characters in the comics. And his big-screen debut could fundamentally alter the course of the DC Extended Universe. After all, fans once imagined Darkseid’s story would carry out over multiple films a la Marvel’s Thanos.

Likely, fans will learn a lot more about the project as post-production on the film continues. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the DCEU has reshuffled its schedule. So the new Justice League project can hopefully tide fans over for a while.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will hit HBO Max sometime in 2021.

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