Julianne Moore, 57, Is Fed Up with Talking About Her Age: ‘Can We Just Be Alive!’

Julianne Moore really doesn’t want to talk about aging anymore.

“Oh my God. I’ve been talking about aging since I was 30, can we just be alive!” Moore, 57, told Porter magazine in its latest cover story. “We’re all aging – children are aging. That’s what life is and we have to accept that there’s a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s important to remember there’s a timeframe, so we can be awake for it.”

She continued, “Maybe the conversation isn’t so much about aging as it is looking at women in their fifties and sixties in a different way, about giving them permission to be sexual beings.”

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Moore stars as a woman in her fifties reinventing her life in the upcoming Gloria, which has helped her redefine the way she looks at movies featuring older women.

Gloria was so interesting to me because it’s about a woman reimagining her whole life, and she happens to be in her fifties. I want to see a person of this gender, in this age group, as a central character in her own story, as we all are,” she said.

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In the end, Moore just wants to make sure people live their lives without worrying about growing old.

“[Life is] not about staying young. It’s about being alive,” she said. “Because we have a limited time on earth, let’s try to stay engaged in our lives until we die. That’s it. That’s all we’ve got.”

Gloria opens in 2019.

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