Johnny Depp ‘professional, witty and tremendous company’ on Pirates of the Caribbean sets

Johnny Depp surprises fans as Captain Jack Sparrow

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It’s been 18 years since the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie hit cinemas starring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Defying on-set concerns over his swashbuckling character, the star ended up being Oscar-nominated for the iconic role. Since then he’s returned for four sequels alongside his co-star Kevin McNally, who plays First Mate Mr Gibbs.

Having worked alongside Johnny Depp for almost two decades, McNally feels he has a good impression of the star’s personality.

Speaking exclusively with, we asked if the pair had hung out much on the Pirates of the Caribbean movie sets.

The 65-year-old said: “I did professionally. I mean we didn’t particularly socially very much, but I found him to be professional, witty, funny, humorous.”

The Mr Gibbs star then went on to share how Depp would make him feel at ease on the Disney set.

McNally, who was promoting his new movie Decrypted, continued: “[He’s] what I like in an actor; he’s on point as soon as we’re in action.

“And then as soon as we cut we’re back into the middle of the anecdote we were in before.

“It just makes the days interesting, particularly in the early films when we spent so much time at sea.”

All in all, the Mr Gibbs actor said his Captain Jack co-star was “tremendous company”.

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McNally added: “And I just like the relationship that we built together. It became very easy and very fluid. A most enjoyable experience.

“And working with [Hector Barbossa star] Geoffrey Rush the same. Being a slightly more similar age we had a great time together as well, yes.”

Depp famously lost his libel case in the UK courts and his future as Captain Jack has been rather uncertain.

Nevertheless, the 58-year-old is backed for returning in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 by his Mr Gibbs co-star.

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McNally told us: “Definitely. I’ve never seen a hint of any dark side to Johnny. I see a great humanitarian and a beautiful human being.

“I don’t see any impediment for him coming back and playing Jack Sparrow.

“I think there was a general feeling that without Jack there is no Pirates franchise. And there’s probably a lot of truth in that.”

Decrypted is available on digital download now.

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