Joe Rogan Dissed During (Purported) Skywritten Marriage Proposal in LA

We aren’t ruling out that the whole thing is a prank, however


You might think you came up with the most original marriage proposal, but you’d be wrong. That honor has to go to an unknown person who apparently lives in Los Angeles, who proposed to their girlfriend via skywriter — and then threw in a totally out of nowhere insult to podcaster Joe Rogan.

So here’s what happened: On Saturday, the words “will you marry me Mollie Pratt?” appeared in the sky above Los Angeles. Multiple people on Twitter said that this was followed by a series of follow up messages from the same skywriter: “She said yes,” “I love you more than anything,” “Excited to spend my life with you,” and “Until death do us part.”

Great, congratulations to the happy coupleOH WAIT that’s not all. The whole thing ended with one last message: “Joe Rogan is literally 5 foot 3.” Damn.

According to at least one person, there were other messages following this assessment of Rogan’s height, though images of those messages haven’t appeared online.

So far anyway, no one has taken credit for this publicly. TheWrap contacted several local skywriting companies but we were unable to identify the company hired to roast Rogan in the sky. But one of the companies we spoke to, Fly Sign Aerial Advertising, told us that though they didn’t perform this particular service, they would have charged someone approximately $17,000 to write the messages.

All of this is of course assuming this was a real marriage proposal and not just a funny (and expensive) way to draw attention to the insult. But we’re not stupid, and we’d bet money this turns out to be a prank and nothing more. Even so, for now we choose to believe in love. TRUE LOVE.

See some of the reactions – including some video — below. Oh, and FWIW, according to his Wikipedia page, Joe Rogan cops to be shorter than average and says he’s 5’8.

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