Joe Biden brutally savaged after US Kabul Embassy warns Americans ‘on their own’

Afghanistan: Biden criticised over US withdrawal by Hannity

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Joe Biden has been brutally attacked by presenter Sean Hannity on Fox News over his conduct in Afghanistan. The slamming came after the president allegedly had started to pull US troops out of Afghanistan before the set deadline of August 31. The US Embassy reportedly issued what appeared to be the last alert to US citizens to leave the country as troops’ presence began to be reduced.

Mr Hannity went on a rant at Joe Biden on Fox News: “Clearly President Biden is letting the Taliban call all the shots.

“He will not commit to ensuring the rescue of all of our citizens and our Afghan partners that we promised we would get out if this day ever came.



He doesn’t know exactly how many Americans have already even been evacuated.


Just get to the airport they say, use your best judgment they say, trust that the terrorists the Taliban will ensure your safe passage, they’re also saying there is no safe passage. Watch with your own eyes.


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President Biden has said that he would not extend the evacuation deadline of August 31.

He said at a conference on Tuesday: “The sooner we finish, the better.”

Professor Graham Allison from Harvard Kennedy School has said he supported Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

He told BBC Newsnight: “I think for president Biden the willingness to take responsibility for finally ending a windless war, rather than just kicking the can down the road, was a real act of political courage.”

“Unfortunately, horrible as it will be for the well-being of Afghans, there are many things that matter more to the US and the West than the human rights of Afghans.”

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