Jim Carrey Diagnoses Fox News-Induced 'Brain Cancer' in New Cartoon

“One of the most corrosive threats to society moving forward is social media and right wing disinformation,” the actor and activist says

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The election and inauguration may be over, but that doesn’t mean that Jim Carrey is backing off his political cartoons. In the latest drawing, he fires his annoyance at Fox News, calling out the network for spreading dangerous misinformation and implying that it leaves its viewers brain dead. The new cartoon shows a doctor pointing to an x-ray that shows the logo of Fox News in the subject’s brain, with the doctor pointing to it and saying “I’m sorry, it’s brain cancer.”

“One of the most corrosive threats to society moving forward is social media and right-wing disinformation,” Carrey tweeted along with his cartoon. “There should be giant fines for false info and if they call their content ‘hyperbole’ in court, they should not be allowed to call it ‘news’ on tv.”

Carrey finished out his Trump era cartoons last week with a spiteful goodbye to Melania Trump, who he dubbed the “worst first lady.” Since leaving office, Trump has essentially disappeared from the public eye and President Biden has taken charge of reversing a lot of policies that the previous administration put in place over the years. But there’s one part of Trump’s presidency that will unfortunately continue to have staying power: Fox News.

Throughout the entirety of Trump’s four years in office, the network has been notorious for spreading misinformation through its program. From COVID-19 dangers to mask-wearing mandates to the election outcome and the consequent Capitol riots, nothing has been off-limits when it comes to what the network will preach about. And despite recent instances like Shepard Smith calling out Fox News for their journalistic integrity and Chris Wallace praising Biden’s inauguration speech, we know the Fox News isn’t about to change its tune in the new era of Joe Biden. Which means we can probably look forward to more call-outs from Carrey in the future.

Take a look at his latest cartoon here.


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