Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard slammed for caging new dog in the garage overnight while family sleeps inside

FANS slammed Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard for forcing their new dog to sleep in a cage in the garage instead of inside the house.

The Counting On couple revealed their pet’s sleeping arrangements in a new video, which followed Derick’s life as a law student.

Jill’s husband graduated from law school last month, with the pair celebrating the occasion with their two kids and his family.

To give fans a look at what it was like for him over the three years of schooling, Derick posted a new YouTube video this week of “A Day In The Life Of A Law Student” that he recorded in April.

During the almost 30-minute video, the father-of-two revealed they cage their new dog in the garage overnight while they sleep inside in the house.

During the day, they appeared to have the pup outside in the backyard for a long while, away from the family.

Counting On fans commented on both the YouTube video and on Reddit to slam the reality star couple for how they’re treating their pet.

“She should be in the house not isolated. She is part of the family,” one wrote.

A second upset follower said: “That poor dog. So much time alone.”

Another commented: “I couldn’t imagine leaving my dog outside all day and in a kennel in the garage all night but I guess it’s better than the shelter 🤷‍♀️”

Others wished the pup had “more comfortable bedding” and didn’t stay in “the garage overnight.”

Trying to be helpful, one fan suggested to Derick: “Your office looks like a good place for Fenna’s cage.”

Previously, Jill was blasted for feeding the family dog her breast milk.

She warned fans to "chill" after she fed a two-year-old bottle of her breast milk to the pet.

The reality star detailed how she'd let son Sam, three, try some of the milk after finding it in the freezer but ended up giving it to her "third child," aka the pet pooch, after her son didn't like it.

Some of her followers stood up for her against any haters.

One wrote: "It’s frozen milk. It’s not the worst thing the dog will ever eat (it would be a miracle if it was!)."

Another commented: "This! Dogs eat poo and who knows what else… I wouldn't worry if someone gets on you for giving it to your dog! He's your baby too!"

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